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Wavee to launch new seltzer flavours for summer

Wavee has announced it will launch two new seltzer flavours this summer to complement its current line-up of Mango and Raspberry.

While the Bondi-born brand is staying mum on specifics, co-founder Kiera Fisken said the flavours will surprise a few customers.

“When we looked at the rest of the market, we realised we wanted to offer something new,” she said. “Many brands went straight for a grain-base beverage, because it reduces their tax rate by 40%, but we didn’t want to compromise on taste.

“Our alcohol is derived from pure fermented cane sugar, which provides a neutral base for our flavours to pop. The result is a light beverage with bold taste and a crisp finish, perfect for any occasion. It’s a refreshing sparkling water with booze in it, and our new flavours will be a salute to familiar Aussie tastes and culture.”

With only 90 calories and fewer than two grams of carbs and sugar, Wavee aims to avoid that heavy, bloaty, tired feeling that comes with some other choices.

Launched in January, Wavee has already seen exceptional growth. It’s currently available in 72 locations around Sydney, including Australia’s three largest alcohol retailers. The company aims to continue expanding the brand’s reach within NSW, as well as Victoria and Queensland.

“We’re on track to be in 200 retail locations by the end of 2022,” said Fisken. “We’ve been blown away by customers’ and retailers’ eagerness to support local products. We knew that White Claw would bring a lot of attention to the category, and then Smirnoff jumped in. I think they gained a lot of traction at the beginning, but now people are exploring new brands and flavours. They’re connecting with the story and identity behind local products and realising that they taste better, too.”

To learn more, go to To buy cases of Mango, Raspberry, or a mixed pack, visit select retailers from Cronulla to Narrabeen, including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, and Liquorland.

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