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Jacob’s Creek launches Nature’s Craft Organic

Jacob’s Creek has announced the release of Nature’s Craft Organic, a new range of certified 100% organic wines. 

Made with Australian organically grown grapes and in conditions free of synthetic herbicides and pesticides, Jacob’s Creek Nature’s Craft Organic is available in Chardonnay,  Rosé and Shiraz Cabernet.

Dan Swincer, Chief Winemaker of Jacob’s Creek said: “Nature’s Craft Organic perfectly captures the beauty between nature and craft, where our winemakers’ passion has resulted in a 100% certified organic  wine that we are exceptionally proud of.” 

Nature’s Craft Organic Chardonnay consists of a citrus backbone with a subtle oak  influence and creamy texture and aromas of lemon and grapefruit. Nature’s Craft Organic Shiraz Cabernet has scents of fresh cherries and spicy white pepper. Nature’s Craft Organic Rosé has crisp, refreshing  pomegranate notes and a crunchy, savoury finish.

At a recent Harpers ‘Growing Organically – A Natural Progression’ webinar, Daniel Mettyear, IWSR’s head of wine, said organic wine sales are predicted to rise from a 2.8% share of world wine sales to 4% by 2024.

“We believe that will accelerate in the long term – [focus on] ingredients, authenticity, proximity, wellness, and care for self, society and planet are all climbing, and driving the organic process in food and, indeed, wine production,” he said.

He said this trend was “absolutely massive” in key markets such as Germany, France, the US and UK, while countries such as Sweden and Australia leading the charge (at 22% and 11% growth respectively). Spain, China and Denmark have also been showing “some very promising growth”.

Jacob’s Creek Nature’s Craft Organic wines are available to purchase for $19.99 at First  Choice and Liquorland stores across Australia. Jacob’s Creek Nature’s Craft Organic Chardonnay and Shiraz Cabernet are both available now and the Rosé will be launching in late October. 

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