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Kyle Sandilands wins BWS contest

A wine Kyle Sandilands created with his girlfriend Tegan Kynaston’s family, Nueva Sangria, has won the BWS Local Luvva campaign.

“I’m not much of a drinker, but I really do love this sangria,” Sandilands said. “Typically, we have it when we have barbecues with friends. It’s a great refreshing drink in the afternoon and it can easily be matched with any food.”

“This is a great opportunity for us to take Nueva Sangria to a new level and give more people the opportunity to enjoy it,” added Kynaston. “Our little surprise hit is all grown up and ready for the BWS shelves.” 

Almost 300 independent winemakers, brewers and distillers across the country threw their products in the ring in BWS Local Luvva campaign, which saw almost 50,000 customers vote on the local drinks they want to see more of in stores.

18 Fan Favourites were crowned across the country, with winners named in each state* in the categories wine, spirit/pre-mix and beer/cider. The winners, which include Nueva Sangria, will receive ranging in BWS stores – or more ranging, if already in stores – as well as marketing and advertising support. 

This is the first time Nueva Sangria – which was launched last year – will be available in BWS stores, with details around the ranging to be confirmed in coming weeks.

The bottled sangria is made by winemakers David Kynaston and Sam Bowman, using Pinot Gris grapes from the Murray-Darling wine region. After fermentation, the wine is infused with a blend of Australian produce including citrus, apples and berries and at bottling, a slight spritz of carbonation is added.

“Our grapes are locally grown, locally picked which means Nueva Sangria is locally produced. This is a premium, Australian-made product,” Sandilands added. 

In the last six months and during the Local Luvva campaign, BWS has seen an average increase of 15% of sales of local, independent products.

“This has been a great opportunity for customers to tell us what they want to see in our stores and on our shelves and to support their local heroes,” said BWS Local Manager Richard Mok. 

Local Luvva winners


Wine: Nueva Sangria and Audrey Wilkinson

Beer/Cider: Akasha Brewing Company 

Spirit/Premix: Lust Liquor


Wine: 6 ft 6 Wines

Beer/Cider: 3 Ravens

Spirit/Premix: Billson’s 

Little Big Bang Brewing Company

South Australia

Wine: Paracombe Wines

Beer/Cider: Little Bang Brewing Company

Spirit/Premix: Never Never Distillery Co


Wine: No entries (additional winner in category chosen in NSW)

Beer/Cider: Aether Brewing

Spirit/Premix: Botanic Australis


Wine: Pepik Wines

Beer/Cider: Plenty Cider 

Spirit/Premix: Hellfire Bluff Distillery 

Western Australia 

Wine: Ferngrove Wines

Beer/Cider: Wilson Brewing Company

Spirit/Premix: Illegal Tender Rum Co

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