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Banrock Station to plant 100,000 native trees

Banrock Station has partnered with Landcare Australia to plant 100,000 native trees and shrubs each year, starting from January 2021.  

The eco-friendly brand from Accolade Wines invests a portion of its profits through the Banrock Station Environmental Trust to support conservation  projects around the world.  

Since the brand launched in 1995, Banrock Station has contributed more than $6million to more than 130  environmental projects in 13 countries, including restoring 1000 hectares of internationally important  wetlands at Banrock Station’s home in the Riverland, South Australia, in partnership with Landcare Australia.  

Banrock Station and Landcare Australia also recently partnered to plant 80,500 trees on Banrock Station as part of the Australian Government’s 20 Million Trees Program.  

Nicola Paroissien, Head of Global Marketing Core Brands at Accolade Wines, said: “Sustainability is high on  the agenda and we know that 4/5 global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the  environment1. With every bottle of Banrock Station enjoyed with friends and family, we reinvest a part of the  profits to projects that support the environment. So, with every glass, consumers can take comfort that they  are supporting a brand that supports the planet. 

“Our ongoing commitment to the environment stems from our dedication to restoring and protecting our  wetlands and woodlands on Banrock Station, which led to their listing as a ‘Ramsar Wetland of International  Importance’ in 2002. We’re proud to announce this new partnership with Landcare Australia so that we can  continue to support the local environment for years to come and make a genuine contribution to global  conservation.” 

Dr Shane Norrish, CEO at Landcare Australia, added: “We have worked closely with Banrock Station for many years on projects in Australia, and this new partnership will help us to continue restoring our valuable natural  assets and native habitat through planting hundreds of thousands of trees and shrubs for native animals and local communities.

“Investing in healthy landscapes is important for our environment as trees and shrubs cycle the oxygen we breathe, filter the water we drink, provide habitat for iconic and endangered wildlife, and sequester carbon, all while supporting the wellbeing of local communities too.”  

The Landcare Australia partnership will be at the centre of Banrock Station’s ‘Every Drop Matters’ campaign  which will be featured on-pack and supporting in-store POS as well as online.  

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