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Summer sales boom for Corona beer

Off-premise sales of Corona beer went through the roof over summer in the UK, with consumers drinking the Mexican brew in droves.

Paula Lindenberg, president of the Budweiser Brewing Group in the UK and Ireland said: “Corona grew at nearly three times the rate of the total category, maintaining its position as the most valuable ‘world beer’ brand in the off-trade.”

Corona continued to perform well globally, with revenue growth of 5.3% outside of Mexico, with growth across the majority of its markets.

In Australia, Corona was a hot topic this week cricketer Shane Warne’s son chose the beer for his first taste of alcohol.

Jackson Warne (above), who stars on the reality TV show SAS Australia, admitted he’d only tried 10 foods during his life and was keen to expand his horizons.

“I’ve actually never had a beer either, who would have thought?” he said. “And there’s no beer better to taste than Corona because of everything going on.”

The 21 year old rated the beer eight out of 10 and said he “wanted to keep drinking” it.

There were concerns earlier this year that the association with coronavirus would have a negative impact on Corona beer sales.

Google data showed that in the month of March searches for “beer virus” and “Corona beer virus” surged 1100%.

But the 2020 Brand Finance Beers 50 list crowned Corona the No.1 beer brand in the world, with a value of $US8.1billion.

Brand Finance noted: “The leading Mexican brand is imported into a staggering 120 countries and sales remain solid across its key markets, including China and South Africa.”

Beer sales up for AB InBev

Overall, AB InBev sold 14.7billion litres in its third quarter, up 1.9% year-on-year.

Revenues were up 4% and gross profits up 0.4%, though earnings before interest, depreciation, tax and amortisation (EBITDA) fell 0.8%.

Budweiser grew by more than 8% outside of the U.S. with top line growth contributions led by China, Brazil and the U.K. Stella Artois delivered double-digit growth.

CEO Carlos Brito said: “During COVID, consumers went back to trusted brands, the brands they know, they like, they are used to.”

“Beer has proven once again to be very resilient. It’s also true that beer is moving to new occasions. For example, we see that meals at home, since people are not going to restaurants, they’re having more meals with family and maybe a small group of friends at home.

“Beer is beginning to penetrate in an occasion that was more a wine occasion. This also – we can see that beer is rising in terms of frequency and penetration, so people are drinking in a more moderate way but more frequently.”

Huge success for Bud Light Seltzer

The company said Bud Light Seltzer sales continued to grow in the US, helping boost its market share.

“We launched this product in the US in January,” Brito said. “Its volume is more than 40% incremental to the beer category and more than 75% incremental to our portfolio.” 

The brand has launched Ugly Sweater Packs for the festive season.

In November, the brand will temporarily add three flavours – Apple Crisp, Peppermint Pattie and Ginger Snap – in ugly-sweater decorated cans. Cranberry, an existing seltzer flavour, will make a costume change for the season, too.

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