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Victoria Bitter releases Advent Calendar

Years don’t get much tougher than 2020. So Victoria Bitter has launched an Advent Calendar to celebrate its end.

The calendar has 24 VBs – one for each day in December in the lead up to Christmas.

The limited-edition Advent Calendar comes in a Christmas themed case with 24 individual cutouts housing a single VB stubby in each, counting down to the Christmas holidays.

The brewer notes: “While traditional Advent Calendars hold an element of surprise, the VB Advent Calendar is made for beer drinkers who know exactly what they want – the beer that satisfies a hard-earned thirst at the end of a long, hot day in December. And let’s be honest 2020 has served up enough surprises.”

The Calendars will be delivered directly to consumers nationally, and can be sent with a personalised note.

Victoria Bitter’s Marketing Director, Hayden Turner, said: “This year has been hard work. We hope the VB Advent Calendar spreads some festive cheer to loyal VB fans in the lead up to Christmas.”

Priced at $52, the limited-edition is available to pre order at BoozeBud.com now and is available while stock lasts.

Thirst by VB is Australia’s fastest-selling fragrance ever

Chemist Warehouse declared Thirst. A scent by VB the fastest-selling fragrance in Australian history, with 25,000 units being stripped from shelves in 72 hours after it launched in August.

Described as “the perfect scent for hard-working Australians” it opens with a combination of bitter citrus and icy aromas, and finishes with sweet hoppy accents.

Victoria Bitter’s Marketing Director, Hayden Turner said: “We knew that Thirst. A scent by VB was a hit, but to be the fastest selling Australian fragrance is above and beyond our expectations.

“The best part is that there are more on the way. We know that there were a few IOU notes on Father’s Day for all the hard-working dads across Australia. Luckily, Thirst should be back on shelves ahead of the hot summer months.”

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