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New wholesale service launches for Australian distillers

A new service providing warehousing and logistics exclusively for Australian distillers – Nip of Courage Wholesale – has launched.

Nip of Courage has been distributing and exporting Australian craft spirits since 2013. It hopes the extension of its existing operation will be a driving force in improving the market share for Australian distillers, which currently sitting at less than 1%.

“Australians are gradually gaining a greater ‘Buy Local’ mentality when it comes to produce, wine and beer”, said Kathleen Davies (below), founder of Nip of Courage.

“Nip of Courage Wholesale aims to foster these same attitudes in the world of Aussie craft spirits, making it easier than ever to support Australian brands.”

Kathleen Davies, Nip of Courage; Australian distillers

The service will provide national warehousing and logistics, giving the trade greater access to regional brands and distilleries. The team at Nip of Courage will also be running regular workshops led by industry leaders to assist smaller distilleries in gaining traction in the Australian spirits market.

Nip of Courage said it hopes the formation of partnerships with a large number of Australian brands, distillers and distributors will also create a greater buying power among Australian distilleries.

“This will allow distilleries to gain access to necessary equipment for a much lower price,” it noted. “Drop shipping solutions will also be made possible for online retailers who promote Australian craft spirits. Nip of Courage Wholesale will provide one location for fulfillment, instead of requiring these retailers to cover shipping costs from around the country.”

The online wholesale portal will be launched officially in early 2021, streamlining the ordering process for trade customers such as bars, bottle shops, restaurants and more.

Trade customers will have access to hundreds of lines all in the one place. A direct-to-public retail site will also be launched with a ‘Support Local’ strategy, making it easier for Australian shoppers to support Australian distillers and brands.

Nip of Courage will be accepting expressions of interest for wholesale partners including distributors, distilleries and brands, following the official announcement at the Australian Distillers Asssociation’s ADA Virtual Conference this week.

Watch the video announcement below:

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Pictured main: National Brand Ambassador Abby Roennfeldt.

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