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New Plus and Minus alcohol-free wine range

Plus and Minus is a new alcohol-free wine range on shelf this summer from Fourth Wave Wine.

The Newcastle-based business owns a portfolio of more than 40 wine brands globally, including Elephant in the Room and organic wines No Evil and Tread Softly.

“Many Australians are looking to improve their overall health and are now switching to alcohol-free drinks as a lifestyle choice,” said Ross Marshall, general manager, Fourth Wave Wine.

“The problem is that many alcohol-free wines don’t taste like wine. Plus and Minus has been designed to fill that gap.  It’s for wine lovers who want to continue to enjoy their wine (and the social rituals and occasions that go with it) but without compromising on taste”

Plus and Minus has been hand-crafted using the highest quality grapes from premium, dry-grown South Australian vineyards.  This ensures the wine retains its vibrancy and full-flavour once the alcohol has been removed. The added ‘’Plus’’ in Plus and Minus refers to the addition of grape-skin extract, which is used instead of excessive sugar, or artificial sweeteners and which gives the additional benefit of all of the naturally occurring antioxidants normally found in red wine. 

“If you are looking to try alcohol-free wine for the first time or have tried it before and have been disappointed, then Plus and Minus is for you,” Marshall said.

Included in the range are Plus and Minus Zero Alcohol Blanc de Blancs (RRP $15 each), Plus and Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Grigio (RRP $15 each), Plus and Minus Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir (RRP $15 each) and Plus and Minus Zero Alcohol Shiraz (RRP $15 each).

The range is available from major liquor retailers nationally.

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