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Emergency supplies of White Claw arrive on Aussie shores

Hallelujah! Emergency supplies of White Claw have jetted into Australia. The delivery has landed via Singapore on Singapore Airlines from the UK.

Since its Australian launch in October, the brand has raced off the shelf, having surpassed expectations and delivered $4 million in retail sales value since launch. With strong consumer interest even before launch, the current demand has driven additional international shipments in time for Christmas and summer.

Around 4000 cases arrived via Singapore Airlines cargo flights this week with additional shipments booked before the end of the year, meaning that shelves should be restocked in time for the first day of summer.

The seltzer is the number one hard seltzer in the US and has established cult status in a category that has been growing at a triple-digit annual rate since 2016. The beverage has quickly become the most searched-for seltzer online in Australia.

White Claw Australia

Earlier this month, Managing Director of Lion Australia James Brindley said: “White Claw is truly a global phenomenon disrupting the alcohol category.

“We’re overwhelmed at how Australian drinkers have responded to the launch, and to address demand we have increased production and our team have fast-tracked stock allocations to keep all retailers in stock as best we can – a model that we will continue to follow for the foreseeable future.”

The brand faced similar shortages in the US last year. Mark Anthony Brands International, the brand owner of White Claw Hard Seltzer, was forced to purposefully limit supply to ensure it could serve all of its markets, a distribution practice called allocation.

“We are working around the clock to increase supply given the rapid growth in consumer demand,” Sanjiv Gajiwala, White Claw’s senior vice president of marketing, told CNN Business. “White Claw has accelerated faster than anyone could have predicted.”

White Claw is available from bottle shops across the country and your favourite summer venues.

YouTuber builds boat out of White Claw cans

YouTuber and White Claw fan Taylor Hancock has used 273 empty cans of the hard seltzer – and a whole lot of hot glue – to construct a pirate ship he named the S.S. Clawdia.

He even dressed up his dogs as pirates to test out the boat in his pool … no pugs were harmed in the making of this video …

Why Australia has a White Claw shortage

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