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Monday Distillery delivers no-alcohol RTDs for Christmas

Sales of low and no-alcohol drinks have soared in Australia since COVID-19 lockdown, with new entrants such as Monday Distillery entering the market to meet demand for healthier alternatives.

Sam Manning (below) decided to create Monday Distillery after finding there weren’t many alternatives when heading out with friends if she wanted to stay off alcohol – the options were usually a sugary drink or flat-flavoured sparkling water. 

Using her background in botanicals and beverages, she set out to develop something with all the emotional connection, taste and vibe of her favourite gin & tonic, without the messy effects of alcohol.

The appetite for no-alcohol alternatives is clear – according to IRI data both Carlton Zero and Heineken 0.0 were two of the top five fastest growing beers during the first week of May.

Monday Distillery; no-alcohol premix

The first three flavours from Monday Distillery are Classic Dry Gin & Tonic, Exotic Spice Gin & Tonic, plus a rum flavoured Dark & Stormy. Following strong online sales, the products started hitting the shelves in Dan Murphy’s in June.

“People are after more sophisticated, health conscious options that still offer the feeling of a fun social drink with friends,” Manning said.

“We’re thrilled Dan Murphy’s is meeting this need with a local brand. The response to online sales has been crazy already, so this is an amazing chance for people to get it in physical stores.”

The Australian owned and operated distillery’s products are beautifully packaged to resemble regular alcoholic premix options and have quickly gained popularity with health conscious consumers. Not only are all of Monday’s drinks alcohol free, they’re sugar free too.

“Research shows that it’s easier to replace a habit with a similar yet healthier one,” Manning said. “Helping people keep that ‘relaxing drink’ ritual in something that looks and tastes like an adult beverage is something we’re told is part of the major appeal.”

The distillery is also giving the gift of a clear head and sharp mind for Christmas, with non-alcoholic variety packs available exclusively at or check out Dan Murphy’s stores in Victoria – RRP: $24 for a pack of four. 

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