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Experimental styles lead Australian cider revival

New flavours outside the traditional apple and pear varieties are fuelling an Australian cider revival according to new figures released by Dan Murphy’s.

“We have seen a 17.5% increase in sales of ‘experimental’ flavoured ciders compared to this time last year,” said Harriet Wischer, category manager, range, Dan Murphy’s and BWS. 

“Customers are moving from the more well-known apple and pear varieties into refreshment and a wider flavour spectrum such as berries, ginger and tropical fruits – 75% of all cider sales are currently being driven by non-traditional cider flavours.”

She said that younger drinkers aged 25-30 were driving the change by being curious to try new flavours and being less caught-up in more traditional drink varieties and at the same time, cider makers were rising to the challenge and getting creative with flavours and recipes.

“Zeffer’s Apple Crumble Infused Cider is a great example of how cider makers are really pushing the boat out when it comes to being bold and experimental. This cider has won awards and amazingly it really does taste just like apple crumble!”

Part of the growth of this new ‘sub category’ of ciders is that customers are moving towards products they recognise from other liquor categories such as wine, spirits and sours.

“Sours are really popular right now,” she said. “Craft beer lovers have enjoyed them for years of course and they have a cult following in their own right but now we are seeing sour ciders emerge too, such as new Culture House Sour Cider.  It’s made with fresh Adelaide Hills hand-picked apples infused with deliciously sweet mangoes so it has the most amazing sweet and sour taste that literally dances on your tongue.”

If you love sparkling rosé, then Coldstream Rosé Cider makes a refreshing alternative.  It’s handcrafted from 100% crushed Victorian apples and is cold fermented with a blend of shiraz and pinot grapes.  It’s sweet yet crisp with a gentle stream of bubbles and a dry finish.

Cider revival; summer cider picks pack

Newly launched Summer Cider Picks offer a way to experience a variety of new ciders. Included are Zeffer Apple Crumble Cider, Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider, Scape Goat Pineapple Flavoured Cider, Coldstream Rosé Cider, Culture House Apple Mango Sour Cider and Somersby Blackberry Cider.

Zeffer Apple Crumble Cider, RRP: $22.99 4-pack, $5.99 each; Coldstream Rosé Cider RRP: $4ea, $80 case, $18.00 4-pack; Summer Cider Picks: RRP $26.

Insights on cider trends

IRI Insights Director Daniel Bone told AusCider 2019 that Australian craft cider makers needed to follow the path of craft beer and craft spirits to regain momentum in the market.

“Most Australians want to purchase locally grown and made products, but cider does not own the narrative about heritage and local provenance,” he said.

However, he believes the industry has the potential to grow its penetration and frequency of purchase over the next five years and unlock an additional $248million in revenue.

“The cider industry needs to elevate the quality and diversity of Australian cider sold in the off premise in order to enhance the sense of discovery, intrigue and understanding,” Bone said.

Bone said that while the cider category’s signature flavour profiles – apple and pear – are in decline, the fruit cider segment is booming in the US.

“In both craft beer and cider, pineapple is an emerging flavour trend,” Bone added. “Pineapple accounted for three of the top nine cider growth brands in the US in 2018.”

Rosé wine and pink gin sales are surging as consumers continue their love affair with pink drinks and the same trend is emerging in cider. Easy to drink and totally Instagram-able, rosé cider is the latest pink drink that’s hooking Millennials.

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