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New Aussie craft beer marketplace launches

A new online marketplace called Only Craft Beer is giving consumers the opportunity buy beer directly from smaller breweries all over Australia.

Unlike other online retailers, Only Craft Beer customers get their beer delivered straight from breweries, with no extra transit time or handling. The platform has been launched by Isaias Vinaroz, who was inspired to help local brewers increase their margins on their products.

“I was having a coffee with Dave Dumay from Dad & Dave’s Brewery and he explained to me the challenges the small breweries face getting their beer to the market. The bottle shops are crowded, shipping the beer around the country is difficult and the margins involved in getting beer listed at Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland or the other big guys are ridiculous low,” he explained.

“I saw a potential avenue to help the brewers by creating a marketplace where they could go and sell their beer directly to consumers across Australia. They could sell the beers at retail price, shipping costs are reduced by volume, so having all vendors together on the same account reduces the costs and on top of that the beer is only moved once from the brewery to the consumer, instead of moving the beer to the bottle shop and then to the consumer.”

Grassy Knoll craft beer

Vinaroz (pictured right, with Jeff Argent of Grassy Knoll Brewing) said the feedback from brewers has been very positive. Before Only Craft Beer soft launched, it had about 20 brewers on board. That number has since doubled, with more joining the platform every week.

“The guys at Great Hops in Armidale are now selling beer to consumers in Tasmania and Perth, which they never thought about previously,” he said.

Vinaroz is passionate about the Australian craft beer industry, citing the great variety of beers produced, the quality and the innovative people behind the scenes.

“With more than 600 independent brewers, the options are amazing,” he said. “The great majority of people who drink craft beer in Australia are not buying it to get drunk, they buy it to enjoy a good beverage, like a good wine or spirit. They start to match a good craft beer with food or just to sit down and enjoy the different flavours or aromas.” 

When ordering from Only Craft Beer, consumers can search for beers by state, by brewery, by style, or even by flavour profile. The brewer receives and packs the order, with Only Craft Beer taking a small commission.

Shipping starts from $5 for orders of up to about 5 kg (that covers 12 beers); $10 for up to 10kg (that covers 24 beers); and only $15 for anything over 10kg.

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