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6 boozy chocolate bar inspired martinis

If you’d prefer to drink your sugar hit rather than eat it, these martinis inspired by your favourite chocolate bars might be just the treats you need to survive 2021.

Here are six martinis that are decadently delicious.

Someone has been reading our minds and created a Violet Crumble Espresso Martini (pictured main). It contains 23rd Street Distillery Australian Vodka, fresh coffee, Violet Crumble chocolate honeycomb flavoured milk, VOK Coffee Liqueur, and crushed Violet Crumble for garnish

Click here for the recipe.

Ferrero Rocher Martini

Trunk Diner in Melbourne’s CBD has created the Ferrero Rocher Espresso Martini, complete with a piece of wafer and fairy floss.

The Snickertini (above) is a chocolate and caramel twist on a vodka martini. The main ingredients in a snickers martini are caramel vodka, Irish cream, chocolate liqueur and amaretto.

According to No Spoon Necessary: “This Snickers Chocolate Martini tastes EXACTLY like a Snickers in liquid form! Decadent, rich, and creamy with notes of chocolate and caramel, this Snickertini is the adult way to eat candy!”

Click here for the recipe.

Spruce Eats has created a delicious Mint Pattie that combines chocolate vodka with peppermint schnapps and a cream liqueur such as RumChata, shaken then served on the rocks.

“If you don’t have the vodka and cream liqueur in stock, don’t worry,” the website says. “Turn to one of the drink’s retro recipes. These typically use crème de cacao for the chocolate liqueur, and you can substitute crème de menthe or Irish cream.’

Click here for the recipe.

A few years back, Sydney burger and cocktail chain Milky Lane created the Cherry Ripe, noting: ‘blended with Chambord, Creme de Cacao, Malibu and other treats, this will change Cherry Ripes forever”. Sadly, it’s no longer on the menu, but you can get a recipe for a Cherry Ripe Martini here.

Bounty Martini

However, Milky Lane DOES have a Bounty Colada on its cocktail menu with Herradura Plata, Malibu, coconut syrup, ice-cream, Nutella and toasted coconut.

“We can’t pin point if it’s the choc coconut vibes, the toasted coconut rim or the creamy vanilla flavour that mixes it all together, but this is ONE TASTY DRINK designed for balmy days and summer nights,” the restaurant notes on Facebook.

If you’d prefer to switch things around and eat your alcohol in dessert form, try these cocktail dessert mash-ups at … Aperol Spritz cheesecake, anyone?

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