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Give your Valentine a long-stem … beer

Struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Forget long-stem roses, Beer Cartel is delivering long-stem beers to craft beer fans.

“Taking a twist on the traditional ‘long stem rose’ we’ve created the Long Stem Brews gift box,” the Australian and international craft beer specialist said. “And because it’s so boring to just receiving one ‘rose’ we’ve included four different brews, way better than a single red rose!”

The Long Stem Brews comes in a black box wrapped with a red satin bow and packed with some tasty treats to go along with the beers.

It includes:

  • Akasha Little Smith
  • Moon Dog Lager
  • Quakers Hat Kolsch
  • Nomad Rosies
  • Wondersnacks gourmet nuts
  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
  • Pringles Chips
  • Free gift message at checkout

According to Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association, long-stem beers have unisze appeal, as there’s a growing trend of women buying Valentine’s gifts for men.

“While past customs have favoured men gifting presents to women, we have noticed a refreshing change to this tradition recently, with more women sending gifts and writing cards to men,” Zimmerman told Inside Retail.

According to a survey of consumer behaviour around Valentine’s Day, flowers are the top gift for women, while alcohol is the most purchased gift for men. Consumers spend on average $90 buying gifts for their partner.

The Valentine’s Long Stem Brews is priced at $69.99 and is a far more palatable gift than the one being offered by Kraft in the US …

Kraft is releasing a limited-edition Valentine’s Day mac and cheese with candy flavouring. The food company is pitching hot pink mac and cheese as a Valentine’s Day alternative to flowers or chocolates. 

Kraft acknowledges “it sounds a little strange, but hey, love makes people do strange things.”

We’ll pass, thanks.

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