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Jason Crawley wants to help you make the perfect Dirty Martini

Multi-award-winning bartender Jason Crawley has released Dirty Martini Olive Brine under his Simple Syrup Co label.

Over the last 12 years Crawley solely focused on  creating ‘syrup’ products for discerning cocktail enthusiasts and venues looking for a premium natural option, so Olive Brine is a fresh direction for the family-owned independent company.  

Crawley said: “At our bar [Fortunate Son] we serve a significant number of Dirty Martinis. We regularly poured out all the brine from olive jars to meet demand, so the olive brine often overtook  the olives! We also noticed people are quite particular about the type of olives and quality of brine  they are offered in their Dirty Martinis.

“So, with a clear necessity in mind we set about looking for the  finest olive brine we could find with a view to bottling it solely for Dirty Martinis to make it easy and  consistent for everyone. We eventually settled on the dry-salty rich brine from Green Manzanilla  Olives, from sunny South Australia which work beautifully.” 

The Green Manzanilla Olive Brine was specifically selected, as it works well with both gin and vodka in this ever-popular drink. Manzanilla (meaning small apple) olives are originally from the area of  Seville in Spain and are sometimes referred to as Spanish Olives. Manzanilla olives are picked early in  the season in South Australia and are produced by a unique six-month natural fermentation process  in which the natural olive bitterness is removed, and the natural bright green colour is retained. The  resultant brine gives a full-rich, salty, and herbaceous mouthfeel which finishes with a lingering olive  dryness. 

To make the perfect Dirty Martini, Jason suggests: “Put everything into the freezer, including your bar spoon and stirring-vessel.  Keep your olive brine separate in the fridge and make sure your olives are in there too.  Once everything is frozen, pour 60ml of your favourite white spirit, 15ml of Crawley’s Dirty Martini Olive Brine and 10ml Dry Vermouth* (*optional) over ice and stir for 10 seconds.  

“Like a risotto, taste it as you go looking for a dilution and temperature you are happy with.  Once you are happy with it, get your glasses out the freezer and strain your Martini into it then add the olives your way.  Always drink responsibly.

“And remember – if you are ever lost in the desert, start making a Martini and someone will pop up and say you are doing it wrong.” 

Drinks Digest had the pleasure of chatting to Jason as he mixed us a cocktail at the Brown-Forman head office bar a couple of years ago (above). He was just about to open his bar and we’re thrilled to see it become such a success. We’re sure his olive brine will be equally popular.

“We are excited to see this clever innovation from Simple Syrup Co. in response to the growing  demand for olive brine as the Dirty Martini continues to take the Aussie bar scene by storm,” said James France, Vanguard Luxury Brands Managing Director, distributor of Simple Syrup Co.  

“This new addition to the Simple Syrup Co. portfolio is a shining example of the role that Jason and his team play in supporting bartenders to create only the best cocktails by providing  them with products that consistently deliver on taste and quality.”  

Dirty Martini Olive Brine will be part of the line-up at Australian Cocktail Month in May

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