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Drinks industry invited to enter The Circle Awards

Entries open today for a new awards program, The Circle Awards, which aim to celebrate and unite the businesses,
organisations, projects and people shaping the circular economy in Australia and New Zealand.

Established by The World’s Most Rubbish (TWMR) in partnership with NSW Circular, The Bravery, and Urban List, The Circle Awards aims to spotlight products and services adopting circular practices that span all aspects of our day-to-day lives. It also aims to grow awareness of the sustainable options available to more people, not just the ones who are
already looking for them.

In contrast to our current ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design. It’s about rethinking the entire approach in order to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. Keeping resources in use for longer, and in a perpetual loop, or circle, reduces environmental impact and protects precious natural resources.

Nick Hoskin, Co-Founder of TWMR and The Circle Awards said: “Many consumers and brands are already contributing towards a more circular world, sometimes without realising it.

“While we’re hearing the term ‘circularity’ or the ‘circular economy’ more than ever, the understanding of what this means, both in theory and practice, is limited.

“The Circle Awards showcases tangible examples of circularity in action, demonstrating to people that we can consume more consciously without compromising on quality, cost or experience. In fact, circular design thinking is behind some of the most interesting products and services on the market as a driving force for innovation. The result can be a far superior
experience because every aspect in the process has been carefully considered to deliver the
best possible outcome.”

Drinks industry explores circular practices

The Circle Awards is open to any product or service demonstrating circular practices across the following categories:

● Food & Drink
● Fashion
● Health & Beauty
● Events
● Architecture & Construction
● Transport & Travel
● Home, Garden & Utilities
● Lifestyle & Technology
● Art & Design
● Materials & Process
● Community
● Education & Research
● B2B

Examples of drinks industry companies exploring circular practices are the new Re bar in Sydney, which is looking at everything with a sustainable lens, from the materials and glassware, to the light fittings, ingredients and garnishes, through to what goes in the bin.

Re isn’t calling itself zero-waste from the get-go, rather, it sees itself as a model for the industry; reframing how the industry looks at creating more sustainable bars. It wants to demonstrate that a venue can be built from recycled materials and run with as little impact as possible, and still exist as a fun, world-class experience.

Another example is Young Henry’s, which focused on the beginning phases of its production, where the major bi-product is spent grain and closed this loop by treating it like a valuable resource and feeding local cows.

Additionally, Absolut Vodka, is exploring sustainable practices, such as feeding waste to local cows and pigs too, among other commitments. The spirit brand also introduced Absolut Recycled last year, which included the owner of PS40 bar, Michael Chiem, creating a drink from wasted bar ingredients.

Importantly, The Circle Awards is here to recognise and celebrate those making progress in this space, not just those doing it perfectly or on a large scale, with the awards open to a diverse range of entrants of all shapes and sizes. Its aim is to unite those championing a better way of doing things for a better world, galvanising more people in the movement.

A new study of 2000 Australian consumers by leading change campaigners Republic of Everyone and The Bravery with independent researchers Mobium Group, The Power & The Passion, reveals the majority of Australians are already actively seeking out more conscious brands and products. Alongside TWMR, The Circle Awards will be a way for people to learn more about circular practices and support brands and businesses that align with their values.

Dr Kar Mei Tang at NSW Circular said, “If the whole of Sydney Harbour were a landfill, we would fill it before 2040. Many of our landfills across the country will also be at capacity in that time. The circular economy provides a key solution for our waste crisis, but it also makes solid economic sense, and the only real option we have to grow our economy – to
deliver productivity and resilience as we head into a resource constrained future. The Circle Awards will push circular models into the spotlight and help inspire the next generation of innovation leaders, while growing awareness and support with consumers to buy products created with circular principles.”

Submissions open on April 15, 2021, and close on May 14, 2021, with winners announced on June 14, 2021. For more information on guidelines and entry click here.

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