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Discovery app for non-drinkers launches

World-first app Better Without has been launched in Australia for those who enjoy a social life, but without the need to drink alcohol. More than 180 leading brands are working in support of the app, including Heineken, Fever Tree, Big Drop Brewery, San Miguel and Thatchers.

The app is designed to help both non-drinkers and consumers choosing moderation discover hundreds of low and no alcohol drinks, as well as the venues that serve them. 

Research has shown that non-drinking among the younger demographic has been steadily growing and yet there are few sources for this audience to access to help them understand their options. Hence the creation of Better Without by its founder, entrepreneur Jonny Stevens.

According to Better Without, there are many reasons for the change ranging from changing in parenting methods to economic factors, including a wider climate of constraint and austerity to young people becoming more aware of the health risks to a greater desire for well-being. 

The pandemic has fuelled the trend, with 40% of people reporting that they are drinking less. Interestingly the app was the result of the pandemic, as Stevens became more focused on his own wellbeing during the first lockdown. He had already been planning the app, but the lockdown was the catalyst to fast forward his thoughts.

“I wanted weekend hangovers and anxiety from drinking to be a thing of the past but found myself still wanting that ‘Friday night beer’ moment,” Johnny explained. “I decided to switch to no alcohol beer but was finding it difficult to know where to buy it. With my experience working within the hospitality industry and my passion to help people discover alcohol-free choices, the idea of better without was born.

“With so many great no and low alcohol drink options available, I wanted to make it easy for people to find them direct on their phone. I also believe that the hospitality industry needs to do more to embrace this change and our aim is to promote both the industry and excellent products that the consumer can access. The producers have worked hard to engage this growing audience with some exciting new concepts. The options are available and the industry needs to increase their range. Why doesn’t every hospitality venue have a no or low alcoholic beer on draught?

“I have a passion for driving change. Lifestyles and choices are changing the aim of the app is to support the changes taking place and also make educate consumers on their choices. There is so much growth in this area which I hope that Better Without will be at the forefront supporting.” 

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