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Sales boom for new-look UDL

Australia’s first-ever RTD – UDL – has been given a pre-mix remix. An icon since 1965, the new-look UDL aims to bring the best of the past with a bright, retro redesign across the range of flavours.

If the recent spike in scrunchie sales shows us anything, it’s that what’s old will always be new again. As Y2K fashion begins to trend, it’s hard not to feel a little nostalgic … and apprehensive for the return of low-rise jeans. But Diageo reckons some things never go out of style, so we spoke to Maddy Stockwell, Marketing Manager – Light Spirits, about what sparked the new look for UDL.

“UDL is a brand that has been loved in Australia since 1965, however it’s also been a brand that has taken the back seat for far too long in recent years,” she explained. “We are bringing back this much-loved Aussie staple with a refreshed look, just as good as you remember.

“We hope Aussies rediscover what they loved about UDL, from its cheeky personality to convenience to taste. With the current popularity of conveniently pre-mixed drinks, there is no time like the present for a UDL come back!

“The philosophy for the redesign was to take inspiration from the past – the retro shapes and vibrant colours that dominated decades gone by when UDL was in its heyday. It’s hard to not feel a little nostalgic when opening a UDL pack.

“UDL has undergone a few pack redesigns over the years, but this is the first time we have looked to the past for design inspiration for today.”

The range includes Passionfruit, Pineapple, Watermelon, Orange, Raspberry, Green Apple, Mixed Berry Zero Sugar, Lemon Lime & Soda, Lime & Soda, Tropical and Strawberry Lime Zero Sugar.

“The refreshed UDL can looks completely new, but tastes just like the original flavours you know and love,” Stockwell said. “The original favourites, including Lemon Lime Soda, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Orange and Pineapple are still widely available, and now also included in UDL’s newly launched mixed 10-pack. Plus now we have Tropical and Watermelon which launched in November last year.”

UDL 10 pack

It’s a prime time to be revitalising brands in the RTD market. LMG recently revealed its RTD dollar sales were up 40.2% over the 12 months to March 2021 compared to the previous year, with vodka RTDs the strongest performer, up a huge 72.3%.

“Convenient format, refreshing taste and breadth of flavour offerings are what is driving the vibrancy in RTD at the moment,” Stockwell explained. “Consumers are looking for lighter, refreshing tasting and easier drinking liquids and premix absolutely delivers on this. We have also seen a big shift in consumption behaviours in the past year, with people socialising at home more. Premix lends itself strongly to these fun, lively at-home occasions.”

Stockwell said UDL been performing well compared to other premixes in the market.

“UDL has become increasingly popular over the past quarter, with sales jumping ahead of total spirits and total pre-mix offerings,” she noted.

“In just the past four weeks, we’ve seen a significant uplift in people reaching for UDL as their drink of choice. This gives us confidence that shoppers are starting to rediscover the great taste of UDL now that it is so easy to find in the fridge thanks to our fantastic, bright new pack design.”

Back in 1999, research among 18- to 24-year-old core drinkers and 25- to 29-year-old users and non-users found that UDL was seen as a drink for informal social occasions, was light-hearted, unconcerned about pretences, genuine, relaxed and not as serious as its contemporary, Lemon Ruski (remember them?). And nothing much has changed in 2021.

“UDL is a fun, playful Aussie brand that has high appeal among a younger 18-28 year old drinker, and the new pack was designed with these shoppers in mind,” Stockwell said.

“Due to the convenient pack and group gathering approved flavours, UDL has traditionally been a staple to stock your bar or bring along to a party. UDL has always had a broad range of great tasting flavours, which is what has made it so widely popular. And the reasons to love UDL haven’t changed – it is back, brighter than ever with the same great taste, just now in a new can.

UDL is available in 375mL cans and is on shelves in all leading liquor stores across Australia, priced at RRP $24.99 for 6-pack and $37.99 for Mixed 10-pack, 4% ABV, 1.2 STD drinks per can.

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