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The Glen Grant brings a touch of Speyside to Loop Melbourne

The Glen Grant single malt scotch whisky is bringing the elegance of its home in Rothes, Scotland, to Melbourne by creating an artwork inspired by the terrain and grandeur of the Speyside region.

A bespoke art installation named “The Living Landscape”, was made in partnership with Melbourne-based contemporary land and light artist James Tapscott. Tapscott is known for his creative use of mediums, fusing earth, air and water to transform spaces.

Aussies have been invited to take in the elegance of Scotland over a wee dram at the Loop Melbourne rooftop bar, where the artwork will be on show until the end of May.

The artwork is made entirely of flora and copper, designed to grow and evolve in nature after its installation. The installation that flows throughout the entire Loop Roof takes creative cues and motifs from the home of the distillery from its natural surroundings down to the distilling process.

Tapscott said: “There is a refinement about the distillery, from the greenery, the flowing rivers, to the slender copper stills that distil the whisky. What stands out immediately is the blend of natural phenomena and I wanted to capture this in my artwork. I chose elements that embody this essence, like copper, light, moss, vines, and grass. In its simplicity, The Living Landscape is a visual representation of the distillery’s natural surroundings and its elegantly smooth taste.”

Paolo Marinoni, Marketing Director – Campari Australia & New Zealand, added: “The Glen Grant is known for its golden liquid and elegantly smooth taste that has been inspired by and made from the distillery’s natural surroundings for over a century. From the natural spring water fresh from the Scottish Highlands down to the oak casks, we wanted to bring the elegance of Scotland to Melbourne.

“In the same way James ‘The Major’ Grant drew inspiration from nature to create a truly unique whisky, The Living Landscape is also inspired by the distillery, from its surroundings down to the distilling process.”

Edwin Concubierta and Ekin Gunes at Eleven, which helped bring the concept to life, said: “The Glen Grant celebrates creators who are inspired by the nature around them to create designs of elegance. The City of Melbourne, just like The Glen Grant also actively encourages elegance, ingenuity and creativity. They don’t just talk about it, they embrace it and allow it to grow organically. Which is why Melbourne and Tapscott were the perfect match to bring a piece of Rothes, Scotland to Australians.”

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