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Gordon’s 0.0 arrives in Australia

Gordon’s has launched its first alcohol-free product – Gordon’s 0.0% – in Australia. The latest addition to the Gordon’s portfolio is made using the same distilled botanicals as Gordon’s London Dry, but in an alcohol-free format.

According to IWSR, 65% of Australians are looking to discover new no- or low-alcohol drinks in 2021, while data from Endeavour Group shows sales have increased more than 83% in the past 12 months at its stores.

Madeleine Stockwell, Marketing Manager for Gordon’s, said: “We are committed to providing quality options for our customers, even when they are choosing not to drink alcohol. Gordon’s 0.0% is a significant milestone for the brand because we believe this alcohol free option allows Gordon’s to be enjoyed in a bigger breadth of occasions, without having to compromise.”

Chris Moschos, Innovation Marketing Manager at Diageo, added: “Our expert innovation team at Gordon’s has combined years of expertise and historic Gin distilling knowledge to create a credible alcohol-free experience. Gordon’s 0.0% is created by distilling the same botanicals used in Gordon’s London Dry Gin.

“These botanicals are individually immersed in water, heated and then distilled before being expertly blended together to capture the essence of Gordon’s in a delicious alcohol-free alternative. This special distillation process is a closely guarded secret, known only to a handful of people and we are incredibly proud to be bringing gin fans that juniper led taste they’re expecting from Gordon’s when they choose not to drink alcohol.”

Gordon's 0.0

Gordon’s 0.0% is now available in a 330mL ready to drink format and a 700mL bottle nationwide.

Non-alcoholic drinks sales skyrocket in Australia

Tips for giving up alcohol during Dry July

Dry July is a fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol-free in July to raise funds for people affected by cancer. The funds raised provide invaluable services for cancer patients, their families and carers – whether it’s a lift to a life-saving appointment, guidance from a specialist nurse, connection to an informative voice, access to therapy programs or a bed close to treatment.

The Cancer Council has given its top tips for giving up alcohol during Dry July:

1. Don’t have alcohol at home

If you drink at home, consider removing alcohol to lessen the temptation. Either hide them somewhere that’s hard to get to or ask a friend to keep or store them for you during July.

2. Embrace non-alcohol drinks

You don’t have to drink plain water for a month. There are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives that you can enjoy. Here are some healthy options:

  • sparkling water
  • water flavoured with slices of lemon, cucumber, strawberries or mint
  • smoothies
  • herbal tea with no added sugar.
  • frappes made with ice and blended frozen fruit
  • mocktails.

3. Change how you socialise with friends

If you typically catch up with friends over drinks, swap the pub or the bar for something different.

You could do a coffee catch up at the local café or do an activity like playing sports or going for a bushwalk.

4. Prepare for situations where alcohol is on offer

You may find yourself in social gatherings that involve alcohol. There’s no need to decline these invitations. Decide beforehand what you’ll do when the time comes. It could be sticking to non-alcoholic options or simply saying no to drinks.

5. Get support from friends

You’ve probably told your friends and family that you’re doing Dry July to ask them for donations. Don’t stop there. Ask them to support you in your month of sobriety. It’s a lot easier to get through the month when you have a network of people who can encourage you when things get tough.

6. Change your habits

Since it’s winter, you may be spending more time at home. If you typically relax with alcohol, try other activities:

  • have an early night
  • take a bath
  • play board games
  • read a book
  • watch TV
  • call a friend or relative.

During your alcohol-free month, you may have more free time. Fill it with fun activities like going on an outdoor adventure or picking up a new hobby.

You may find avoiding alcohol challenging, but don’t give up. Remember that staying dry for a month is raising vital funds for people affected by cancer.

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