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Sidewinder low-alcohol beer launches

Brick Lane Brewing has created a new range of low-alcohol beer options, kicking off with Sidewinder Super Ultra Low Alcohol Hazy Pale Ale.

The 1.1% ABV Hazy Pale delivers full body and smooth mouthfeel from the combination of Munich, Crystal and Carapils malts and rolled oats. The beer features juicy tropical notes of peach, apricot, mango and lychee, which come from the use of Citra, Mosiac and Centennial hops. A unique approach in yeast management gives the beer full and refined flavour while keeping the ABV down to 0.3 standard drinks per can.

The award-winning brewers at Brick Lane Brewing enthusiastically took on the challenge of creating a new approach to low-alcohol beer, looking to over deliver on flavour while staying true to the benefits of lower alcohol brewing.

According to IWSR, 65% of Australians are looking to discover new no- or low-alcohol drinks in 2021, while data from Endeavour Group shows sales have increased more than 83% in the past 12 months at its stores.

“There has never been a more exciting time to enjoy the beauty of beer,” said Paul Bowker, Founder of Brick Lane Brewing.

“The explosion over the last few years of high quality and diverse styles of beer, from perfectly crafted lagers to pale ales to hazy IPAs, innovative brewers have opened the doors to a world of flavour. Sidewinder has been launched to capture
the full flavour of modern brewing in a low alcohol option. Enjoying full flavour without compromise is the
essence of the Sidewinder Life.”

Sidewinder is named after the famous 1970’s jet boat, which was designed with a philosophy of living life to the full without restraint.

The Hazy Pale Ale is the first to be released in the Sidewinder range, with an extended range of low-alcohol options to follow.

Sidewinder Hazy Pale will be available through speciality retailers, restaurants and bars, and in all Dan Murphy’s stores nationally from August 2.

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