Experience a virtual whiskey tasting with Matthew McConaughey

Wild Turkey has launched a guided whiskey tasting on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, voiced by the legendary Russell distilling family, with a message from Matthew McConaughey. 

The experience offers a new way for Australian bourbon lovers to learn about the heritage of Wild Turkey, from the mouths of those who know it best in the comfort of their own home. It comes as more than 26% of Australian households now have at least one smart speaker in their home.

In the last five years alone, more than 2.5 million people have visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. However, as travel is not a reality for many right now, this tool is a compelling way for whiskey enthusiasts in Australia to enjoy an immersive American whiskey experience.

Whether you want to learn the basics of whiskey or refine your palate, just say to your Amazon Alexa device, “Alexa, enable Wild Turkey Tasting” or to your Google Home or Google Assistant app, “Hey Google, talk to Wild Turkey Tasting”, to be virtually transported to Kentucky. 

The virtual tasting also includes a special message from Wild Turkey’s Creative Director, Matthew McConaughey. 

Unlike other whiskey-focused smart speaker skills that simply share recipes, the Wild Turkey Tasting is multi-dimensional, channelling the perspectives and authenticity of the Russell family straight from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.  

The interactive element of the tour also allows users to ask questions from “can I add water to my whiskey?” to “tell me a fun fact about whiskey.” 

Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell (above) – a father and son distilling duo with a combined 107 years of industry experience between them – personally lend their voices to guide listeners through a curated collection of their Wild Turkey whiskies: Wild Turkey 101, Longbranch, Rare Breed and Kentucky Spirit.

From nosing and tasting to sharing humorous anecdotes that are unapologetically Wild Turkey, the audio tour is meant for both the novice whiskey drinker and the more mature connoisseur. Users not only learn about the different styles of Wild Turkey whiskey, but also about the distilling process, the palate, glassware, and more from the masters themselves. Along the way, the Russell family – Jimmy Russell, Eddie Russell, Bruce Russell and Joann Street – share the history of Wild Turkey.

Paolo Marinoni, Marketing Director, Campari Australia and New Zealand, said: “We’re thrilled to bring a taste of the authentic Wild Turkey Kentucky experience to our Australian customers. As travel is restricted for many, this is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes listeners on an educational journey of American Whiskey while speaking to a new audience of tech-savvy consumers. Coupling the knowledge of our renowned Master Distillers with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems is an exciting way to engage consumers, driving further awareness and understanding of the Wild Turkey brand and all that it has to offer.”

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