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Taste test: NORT non-alcoholic Pacific Ale

Locally brewed non-alcoholic beer NORT has launched the world’s first non-alcoholic Pacific Ale and Drinks Digest put it to the test this week.

Our verdict: A refreshing brew with hops and fruit notes that counter the heaviness of COVID-19 lockdown perfectly.

NORT’s creators, Modus Operandi Brewing, describe the Pacific Ale as having flavours of passionfruit and tropical aromas, with a golden haze appearance, a light sessionable body and coming in at just 49 calories.

NORT now boasts four alcohol-free varieties, Refreshing Ale, Pacific Ale, Tropical XPA and All Day IPA. All the beers are below 60 calories, which makes NORT’s range the lowest calorie Australian-made beer in the country.

Jaz Wearin, co-founder and owner of Modus Operandi Brewery and NORT said: “NORT was born amid lockdown. Like most of the world I was juggling a business, parenting and trying to stay healthy and focused. As a brewery owner and beer fanatic, I soon realised there was a massive need to grow the non-alcoholic beer category and offer Aussies a non-alcoholic beer that is carefully crafted and rich in flavour. NORT gives you options. A beer to balance with an  alcoholic beverage so you can drive home, get out for that early morning surf or head into that board meeting. Or it can be a beer you can have at any time of the day without feeling guilty or fuzzy afterwards.”

“We worked hard on the recipe, ingredients and brewing process to ensure this was 100% non-alcoholic, but also 100% crafted beer.” 

Booming sales for NORT Refreshing Ale

The alcohol-free category has seen a tremendous amount of activity in recent months, as consumers’ sober curiosity evolves into one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the market. NORT has already seen sales of its alcohol-free Refreshing Ale double month on month. 

“People are always searching for ways to create a more balanced lifestyle, but it was clear to me that there is a need for greater variety and choice when it comes to non-alcoholic crafted beer,” Wearin said. “So, after last year’s overwhelmingly positive response that we received from the Refreshing Ale launch, we immediately started working on adding some variety to the portfolio, giving Aussies more tasty non-alc beer options.

“I believe the strength in this category comes down to balance. That doesn’t mean no alcohol, it means balancing awesome IPAs and then flipping over to a non-alcoholic so they can drive home, put their kids to bed, get up in the morning for a surf or a ride and then hit the day head-on feeling great. Retailers are informing us that they are seeing consumers purchase non-alcoholic beer in addition to their traditional alcoholic purchases which further establishes that this is about balance.

NORT Refreshing Ale is available in all Woolworths, BWS and Dan Murphy outlets. Pacific Ale, Tropical XPA and All Day IPA is available via online platforms Sans Drinks, Amazon Australia and Beer Cartel, plus independent retailers across the country. Full stockist list available via

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