Aussie bars join Afterpay Day for the first time

Hospitality ordering, payments and growth platform Mr Yum is joining with Afterpay to offer dining discounts at restaurants on Afterpay Day for the first time.

The move is part of the world-first partnership between Mr Yum and Afterpay, with Mr Yum the exclusive global partner in the dining and restaurants category.

Afterpay Day is a global bi-annual shopping event that includes deals and promotions from the world’s top retailers and this year’s event will be the first time Afterpay Day will include offers from restaurants, with a focus on at-home dining discounts.

Mr Yum CEO and co-founder Kim Teo said the event will provide a much-needed boost to venues around the country.

“Afterpay Day is one of the biggest retail sales in the world and we hope this week’s event will help drive incremental sales for our hospitality partners who are doing it so tough during these difficult times,” she said.

Bargain hunters can use the Afterpay Shop Directory to unlock special deals for shopping sustenance from Scoopy Milk Bar, North Bondi Nami at Home, and more.

Offers around the country include:

● North Bondi Nami (Sydney): buy two 500ml bottled cocktails and get free delivery
● Scoopy Milk Bar (Melbourne): buy one bingsu, get one 50% off (select times)
● Historian Hotel (Adelaide): spend $50 and get a free bottle of wine (select times)
● Vapiano (select locations): get 20% off the bill
● The Hof Downtown (Melbourne): get 20% off the bill
● Easy Times Brewing (Brisbane): get 20% off the bill (select times)
● Bar Pacino (Brisbane): spend $40 and get a free bowl of chips (select times)
● Santa Monica (Brisbane): spend $40 and get a free bowl of chips (select times)

Afterpay Day will be held over four days from Thursday, August 19, 2021. Teo said Afterpay is a payment method customers increasingly want to use.

“Mr Yum is a payment agnostic platform, so we’re pleased to offer diners more choice when they’re out socialising with family and friends,” she noted.

“Afterpay is an amazing Australian start-up that’s taken the world by storm and Mr Yum is proud to be the global first in the dining and restaurants category to offer this payment option. We want people to be able to pay how they like when they use Mr Yum, whether it’s a card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay, cash or other methods.”

Mr Yum data compiled during a three-month pilot period of top venues including Vapiano, Manly Skiff and more than 100 Australian Venue Co pubs, showed almost one in two diners who ordered through Afterpay were first-time customers at that venue.

Top items ordered include bingsu – a Korean shaved ice dessert – pasta carbonara and the perennial pub favourite, chicken parma.

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