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Ryan Reynolds gives Dan Murphy’s a shout out

Dan Murphy’s has scored a starring role in Ryan Reynolds latest tweet. The star gave a helping hand to an Aussie trying to track down his Aviation Gin.

After Dr Paul J Maginn tweeted that he had enjoyed a sample of the award-winning gin, but wasn’t sure where to find a full-sized bottle, the actor helpfully replied that it was available in Dan Murphy’s in Perth.

Dr Maginn wrote: “So got this sampler of @VancityReynolds@AviationGin And it’s not too shabby let me tell ya! Gotta see if I can find a BIG bottle at a bottle-o here in Perth. My local off-licence doesn’t sell it unfortunately!”

 And this is what happened next …

“As Ryan Reynolds correctly pointed out, Aviation Gin is available at Dan Murphy’s in Perth and indeed all over the country,” said Dan Murphy’s Glass Spirits Category Manager Elise McNeil. 

“Premium gin is one of our strongest drinks trends at the moment. While Australians are increasingly looking to drink less, they are also drinking better. Aviation Gin has enticed many gin lovers with its delicious lavender and citrus notes, and the fact that it is Ryan Reynolds brain child makes it even more gin-ius,” she added. 

Aviation Gin is currently on special for $70 for My Dan’s members, which is Dan Murphy’s loyalty program. We expect it to fly,” she said. 

The actor also recently shared a recipe for the “mother of all cocktails” – Ryan Reynolds’ Vasectomy – which he says is perfect for parents everywhere, just in time for Father’s Day …

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