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SAINTLY launches cocktail inspired seltzers

Australia’s biggest independent seltzer brand, SAINTLY Hard Seltzer, has launched a new cocktail inspired seltzer range.

The Australian made and owned hard seltzer brand was launched in 2020 with a mission to serve tasty drinks without the calories.

“It’s been a truly incredible 12 months since we launched Saintly, we’re stocked in so many fantastic retailers nationwide, and we’re thrilled to have been able to reward their belief in the Saintly brand with such strong growth,” said SAINTLY Founder Kieron Barton.

“The Australian lifestyle and climate lends itself so well to seltzers, so it’s no surprise Aussies quickly jumped on the bandwagon. We’re now massively excited as we expand the Saintly range with four new Cocktail Seltzers inspired by Australia’s favourite cocktails; they’re incredibly refreshing, low in calories and have zero sugar and carbs and we think consumers are going to LOVE them!”

The four new flavours include:

  • The Faithful Ginger Mule, a spin on the Moscow Mule.
  • Glory Be Grapefruit Margarita, a take on the timeless classic, with grapefruit and lime.
  • Almighty Mojito, featuring fresh citrus with a hint of mint.
  • Paradise Passionfruit Martini, a spin on a ‘Pornstar Martini’, with passionfruit, lime and a touch of vanilla.

Just like their debut range of seltzers, the new cocktail inspired collection contains zero sugar, zero carbs, is all natural and contains 76 calories per serve.

“With the growing demand for both cocktails & Saintly Hard Seltzer, we were inspired to combine the two by launching a premium 5% abv Cocktail range featuring some of the hottest trending cocktails in the world with a Saintly Hard Seltzer twist,” Barton said.

“The result is an alchemic miracle with incredibly refreshing drinks low in calories,  gluten-free, zero carbs & sugar that do not compromise taste. 

“With this launch, Saintly demonstrates its versatility to provide consumers with on-trend drinks they will love and our retail partners with quality innovation that will drive volume and value.”

Find the new cocktail inspired seltzer range from SAINTLY Hard Seltzer at Dan Murphy’s. Available in 12 packs for $54.99.

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