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Reeftip spiced rum RTDs land on shelf

Diageo Australia has launched a new homegrown spiced rum brand called Reeftip Drinks Co, and it’s donating 10% of the profits towards regenerating one of the country’s greatest natural assets and the world’s largest coral reef system – The Great Barrier Reef.

Reeftip enters the rapidly growing spiced rum category with three RTDs:

• Ginger, Lime & Soda – a premium blend of Reeftip’s Aussie spiced rum with hints of ginger and lime mixed with sparkling water.
• Pineapple, Lime & Soda – notes of pineapple, lime and soda combined with Reeftip’s spiced rum.
• Mango, Coconut & Soda – a tropical and tasty blend with hints of mango and coconut mixed with Reeftip’s spiced rum and a splash of soda water.

A spiced rum full-strength bottle serve launch will follow in October. According to IRI, dark rum is performing well in Australia with 13.4% value growth, but the star performer is spiced rum, with 20.6% value growth, which is outperforming the overall glass spirits segment.

Consumers seek socially responsible brands

Reeftip Drinks Co will assist the Coral Nurture Program and its team of expert marine biologists in achieving their mission to increase the resilience of the Reef and Reef communities. Reeftip launches as environmental pressures are more pronounced than ever before. Consumers are increasingly seeking out products that have social responsibility at their core, with 66% more likely to spend on a product or brand that is produced using socially responsible practices.

Hayden Abercrombie, Head of Innovation at Diageo Australia, said: “Reeftip Drinks Co is the result of a combined passion for great drinks and a love for the Reef. Spiced rum is such a vibrant category in spirits, we saw an opportunity to create a product that not only tastes good but does good. This week’s launch is just the beginning, with range and category extensions coming in the months ahead.”

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Professor and Coral Nurture Program co-founder David Suggett added: “With the support of Reeftip Drinks Co., we’ll be able to help more people play a part in securing a better future for Australia’s reefs. The Coral Nurture Program has shown us that if we work together and create communities committed to action, we can bring about real and lasting change – including a more sustainable experience of the reef.”

Angus McPherson, Managing Director at Diageo Australia, said: “Australians are getting right behind the local spirits industry and that’s why I’m so excited to launch Reeftip, Australia’s newest spirits brand.

“People are becoming increasingly aware of the environment they live in, and they’re passionate about brands that give back and make a positive contribution. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Coral Nurture Program for Reeftip – to help those who live and work on the reef build its long-term resilience.

“Diageo has its own ambitious targets to create a more sustainable community through our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress action plan. We are passionate about leading and creating positive change for our industry, and environment. We’re incredibly fortunate to have the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem on our doorstep, and we all want to see it preserved.”

Reeftip Drinks Co. is available in 4-packs of 330ml cans and is on shelves across Australia in all leading liquor stores now. RRP $24.99, 4.5% ABV.

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