Actress Eva Longoria launches her own tequila brand

Mexican-American actress Eva Longoria is the latest celebrity to get into the tequila business, launching a luxury sipping range called Casa Del Sol.

The ultra-premium spirits brand is “inspired by the magic of the golden hour and Mayahuel, the Aztec goddess of agave, and translates to “house of the sun” in Spanish.

The tequila is made from hand-selected 100% blue weber agave sourced from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Casa Del Sol’s head of production, Alejandra Pelayo, is protégé and goddaughter of the late Francisco Alcaraz, tequila pioneer and master distiller/creator of Patrón. Additionally, Mariana Padilla, a Mexican-based artisan and daughter of Paco Padilla, cultural ambassador of Jalisco, is the brand’s Artesana Tequilera.

Casa Del Sol, a new tequila brand with authentic Mexican roots and a strong female influence. From left to right Alejandra Pelayo, Casa Del Sol’s Head of Production, Eva Longoria, Casa Del Sol Co-founder, and Casa Del Sol’s Artesana Tequilera, Mariana Padilla. Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith.

“When creating Casa Del Sol, we wanted to deliver a brand that was set apart from the rest,” Longoria said. “From the liquid to the legacy, we took the time to develop an ultra-premium tequila focusing on authenticity and a distinct flavour profile. It is always my mission to uplift the voices of women and celebrate my Mexican heritage, so that others may be inspired by the limitless genius and artistry that is rich in our communities. With Casa Del Sol, we are bringing together casual drinkers and tequila enthusiasts alike to enjoy a product with bold taste that everyone will find unforgettable.”

“Legacy and authenticity are huge components of Casa Del Sol, and it was important for us to pay homage to the past through every facet of the brand, including our logo, which is visibly inspired by Mayahuel, ‘The Goddess of Tequila’,” said Padilla.

Pelayo added: “Our long-standing Mexican roots, rich heritage and distinct ageing process has paved a way for the future, helping to create a brand unlike others in the space.”

Where most tequila brands source whiskey barrels from the United States, Casa Del Sol partnered with Laurent Martell, the 9th generation of the Martell family in France, and sourced Cognac barrels handcrafted with French Limousin Oak. Casa Del Sol has a unique barrel ageing process that results in a distinct flavor and aromatic profile where old world craftsmanship meets new world artistry, infusing Mexican tradition with notes of French heritage.”

Casa Del Sol offers three distinctive sipping tequilas – Blanco, Reposado and Añejo – priced from US $59.99 to $99.99.

Casa Del Sol prioritizes social, economic and environmental practices which includes providing healthcare opportunities to its Jimadors, exclusively partnering with a 100% Mexican-owned distillery that has been awarded the distinctive ESR® (Empresa Socialmente Responsable) award, and prioritizes the sustainable cultivation of agave. The brand is also currently developing programs to help level the playing field for women in the Altos de Jalisco region, who have historically had limited access to services and resources to improve both their personal and professional development.

Longoria launched the tequila at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival and shared the video below:

Casa Del Sol is available for sale at select retailers and restaurants throughout California, Colorado, and Florida. It will be available for retail nationally in early 2022.

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