Raise a glass to Paloma Appreciation Week

Tequila Tromba’s annual celebration of the Paloma – International Paloma Appreciation Week – returns for its sixth year in 2021.

The Margarita’s deceptively sweet-looking little sister is a tart and refreshing mix of 100% agave tequila, grapefruit soda, lime and salt.

This year, Tequila Tromba has launched a ‘Drink a Paloma, Save an Agave’ promotion that supports the protection and sustainability of one of Mexico’s most important agricultural gems – the agave plant.

Agave that have lived harmoniously on the land for thousands of years are now at the brink of extinction, with thousands of these amazing plants harvested and destroyed each year to create corporate farmland.

For every Paloma or bottle of tequila purchased until September 26, 2021, Tequila Tromba will not only donate land, but will also plant wild agave via its Endangered Agave Program (EAP), dedicated to restoring endangered agave populations.

So, where can you get your hands on a Paloma to contribute to the cause?

  • Tromba has just released DIY Paloma Packs through their website so you can get mixing the tequila goods at home.
  • Melburnians can devour a Paloma and duck feast delivered to their door from Firebird this Friday, September 17 and Saturday, September 18 only. Featuring whole Duck à l’Orange, wok-tossed egg noodles, gai lan Chinese broccoli, tiramisu and a cocktail kit to make four Burnt Grapefruit Palomas. Order via Providoor by Thursday, 16 September, while stocks last. $160, serves four.
  • If you froth a tinny, Tromba has collaborated with Moon Dog to bring you a limited release Great Minds Pink Alike Hibiscus Paloma IPA. Loaded with grapefruit goodness, a twist of lime and a dash of hibiscus all with a slightly bitter finish. Available via Moondog, RRP $44 per four pack.
  • Tromba and Curatif have you sorted with their ready-to-serve Tromba Paloma in a can. Available exclusively from Curatif, for a limited time only.

Tequila Tromba’s tips for making the perfect Margarita at home

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