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St-Rémy launches Signature brandy in Australia

St-Rémy’s new brandy, Signature, launches across Australia next month with the aim of recruiting a new generation of drinkers.

St-Remy wants to breathe life back into the brandy category with Signature, and inspire the 21st century cocktail connoisseur, both behind the bar and at home.

Hervé Buzon at St-Rémy recently told The Drinks Report: “Cécile Roudaut, our master blender, wanted a brandy that was easy to understand for non-brandy drinkers: it is not a VSOP, nor a XO, nor a Napoléon! The production is easy to understand: it is based on a double maturation between virgin oak casks and traditional brandy casks.

“The result is a very smooth brandy, with vanilla notes, very easy to taste for clients who want to discover brandy. Not only this, St-Rémy Signature is very versatile and has a perfect profile for cocktails.” 

According to Buzon, Australia is one of the distiller’s top markets.

‘The [brandy] category has started to transform and gain attractiveness, particularly in North America and Australia, and the COVID-19 pandemic seems not to have frozen this trend,” he said.

St-Rémy said Signature’s creation process runs paralleled to the life cycle of its audience: the enthusiasm of youth has been imparted by the first maturation in new oak casks (Quercus Petraea species with fine grains) giving the liquid intense spiced notes and verve; the wisdom of maturity is reflected through the second maturation in traditional casks (Quercus Robur specifies with big grains), where the liquid becomes balanced and complex.

The result is a luminous, bright liquid that’s amber in colour with sweet aromas of vanilla, coconut and almond greeting you on the nose. Round and balanced on the palate, the woody notes are enriched with honey, nut and butter flavours.  

St-Rémy suggests serving Signature in reimagined classic: French Old Fashioned, Signature Dry, Signature Rose or a Tin Train. Equally, the liquid is perfect for use in traditional brandy cocktails such as Club, Corpse Reviver No. 1 (above), French Metropolitan and the French Alexander. 

St-Rémy Signature is available from October at independent liquor stores with an RRP of $65. 

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