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CHANDON Garden Spritz arrives for summer

Moët Hennessy Australia has launched CHANDON Garden Spritz in time for summer, a blend of sparkling wine and locally crafted orange bitters.

With its natural orange hue and designed to be served over ice with a slice of dried orange and a sprig of rosemary, CHANDON Garden Spritz is designed for picnics, afternoon drinks, aperitif moments and brunch.

Created by the CHANDON team of artisan winemakers in the Yarra Valley, the team began their journey experimenting with naval and blood oranges sourced from local, sustainable farms. They then fused these with orange peels and natural herbs and spices to create a truly Australian take on the spritz experience. A labour of love, the recipe took more than four years to perfect.

The bespoke, sustainably sourced orange bitters in Garden Spritz blend fresh, macerated and baked peels, the marmalade character and the freshness of oranges with woody, aromatic spices. The bitters are then mixed with CHANDON Brut Rosé to create a spritz that has no artificial flavours or colours.

Chief Winemaker Dan Buckle said: “At CHANDON, we have always been pioneers. With that adventurous spirit to guide us, we’ve been experimenting with new ways to enjoy our sparkling wine, bringing nature to the world of spritz. We know that
Australians love their cocktails, so we are excited to share our new CHANDON Garden Spritz, a delicious, zesty summer drink that is locally grown and beautifully crafted using our own sparkling wine of exceptional quality”.

Starting at $31, CHANDON Garden Spritz can be found at selected bars, restaurants and wine stores as well as via CHANDON’s website.

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