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Disaronno unveils its summer releases

Disaronno has revealed its plans for the Australian summer, which include the launch of a new liqueur and Christmas gift packs.

Velvet is a creamy, velvety liqueur with a unique taste that is packaged in one of Disaronno’s iconic and elegantly designed bottles. It combines the distinctive almond notes of the original amaretto liqueur with a creamy smooth texture. It tastes of toasted almonds, apricot, vanilla, and toffee. 

“We are excited to give Australians are new option for their summer gatherings this year so they can reconnect our ‘La Dolce Vita’ attitude,” said brand ambassador Danilo Migliorini. “We all deserve to treat ourselves to something rich and distinctive this season, and Disaronno Velvet will bring elegance, decadence and depth to any afternoon gathering.”

Migliorini suggests serving Velvet in a White Espresso Martini. Velvet is available at leading independent retailers and online. 

Christmas entertaining & gifting

The Italian liqueur maker has also created a gift pack for Christmas that includes a full bottle of Disaronno as well as glasses for serving Disaronno Fizz cocktails. The cocktail is perfect for Christmas parties as you can pre-prep it in batches with only three ingredients required.

Disaronno Fizz

  • Ice cubes
  • 50ml Disaronno
  • Fresh soda
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • Garnish with a fresh lemon slice

METHOD: Pour ingredients over ice, gently stir and garnish with a fresh lemon slice.

“The beautiful thing about Disaronno is it is undoubtedly its distinct taste and simple mixology methods, so you can wow guests with ease,” said Migliorini. “Its original taste and unmistakable aroma are combined with fizzy soda bubbles and lemon juice for a refreshing and thirst-quenching cocktail with its striking orange colour enhancing any occasion. We are so very excited for Australians to indulge in this Italian treat over this summer.”

The gift pack retails at the same cost as a bottle of Disaronno at BWS and Dan Murphy’s.

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