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Wolf Blass releases zero alcohol wine range

Australian winemaker Wolf Blass has tapped into the conscious consumption trend by launching a zero alcohol wine range.

The ‘no alcohol’ or ‘lighter in alcohol’ category is one of the fastest growing segments currently in the market and is seeing a rapid evolution of consumers on the hunt for products that provide them with an offering that is considered to be more moderate.

The 2021 IWSR Drinks Market Analysis No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study shows volumes in Australia increased by +2.9% in 2020. Overall, the no- and low-alcohol market outperformed regular alcohol, which registered a volume decline of -1.4% over the year. IWSR is forecasting that the no- and low-alcohol volume in Australia will grow by +16% 2020 to 2024.

Data from Endeavour Group, the parent company of BWS and Dan Murphy’s, shows sales have increased more than 83% in the past 12 months at its stores.

Winemakers are embracing the category too. IWSC, the world’s oldest drinks competition saw a marked increase in the number of entries for its low and no alcohol categories in 2021, growing 389% compared to 2020 competition entries.

Creating the Wolf Blass Zero range

The new Wolf Blass zero alcohol wine range includes a Sparkling Cuvée, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc, which are launching nationally this week across selected Dan Murphy’s stores as well as Woolworths supermarkets.

The lower in calorie and sugar de-alcoholised wine is created through a combination of processes called Spinning Cone Technology. The wines are taken in their original alcoholic format and put through a distillation process where the alcohol is gently removed down to 0.5% alcohol/volume, which is considered the industry standard for ‘zero’. Through this de-
acling process, the winemakers can ensure the wine hits the <0.5% mark, but is not refermented throughout the process, therefore, from an aromatic and texture perspective, it still aligns closely to wine.

“The Wolf Blass winemaking team believe we have been able to master the re-construction of the two separate components while still being able to replicate the varietals’ aromatics and taste that consumers would usually expect or experience from their wine,” said Chris Hatcher, Wolf Blass Chief Winemaker.

“Through the passion, collaboration and dedication of our skilled winemakers, we were able to ensure the mouthfeel was put back into the wine – which is naturally contributed by alcohol – so that our de-alcoholised wines were still full of flavour and enjoyable for consumers.

Wolf Blass parent company Treasury Premium Brands said it was excited to be expanding its existing lighter in alcohol portfolio by now introducing a zero alcohol solution.

“With 48% of Australian consumers now actively moderating their alcohol intake, it is becoming increasingly evident that consumer behaviour and wine consumption habits are evolving at a rapid pace, therefore, it is critical that we innovate our offering to provide a non-alcoholic alternative that prioritises taste for this growing segment,” said Angus Lilley, Chief Marketing Officer & General Manager Sales ANZ, Treasury Premium Brands.

“Wolf Blass gave us the perfect platform to play in this category through its reputation for quality and credentials in exceptional winemaking. The winemaking team have spent a considerable amount of time finessing these wines to ensure they are a true reflection of the brand, but also deliver on expectations so our consumers don’t feel they have to settle for anything less, whatever the occasion is.”

Wolf Blass Zero Sparkling Cuvée, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc (RRP $12) is available now.

Non-alcoholic drinks sales skyrocket in Australia

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