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Ryan Reynolds mixes a Gin Riblet

Not sure gin and barbecue sauce go together in a cocktail? Ryan Reynolds wants to “McProve” they do in a new Gin Riblet mixology video.

The instructional mixology video celebrates the return of the McRib sandwich in the United States. The cocktail contains tomato juice, barbecue sauce, lemon juice and Aviation Gin, and is topped with a pickle and an onion.

The video features Reynolds creating and sampling the cocktail. He says: “To celebrate the return of America’s favourite rib-shaped sandwich, I’ve invented the perfect glass-shaped cocktail to pair with it… 

The result, he notes, is “like a Bloody Mary’s hotter cousin”. And he ends the video by saying: “Bring back Grimace, goddammit.”

Watch it below:

Earlier this year, the actor created a gin cocktail in a video to celebrate Father’s Day — called The Vasectomy. 

As The Drum notes: “Reynolds has proven to be a one-man hype machine for the Aviation Gin brand, which he sold to Diageo last year for $610m. ‘The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back’ spot, created in response to Peloton’s much maligned 2019 holiday ad, is already considered a classic – as is ‘Arlene’s Big Leap,’ which features an 84-year-old celebrating her ‘21st birthday’ because she was born on a leap year.”

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