Dan Murphy’s founder inspires new campaign

Dan Murphy’s has launched a new brand direction that retells moments from founder Daniel Francis Murphy’s early life that influenced and shaped the retailer’s customer-focused attitudes.

Famous for his innovative concepts and roguish behaviour, Murphy is often credited with democratising wine and educating Australians about the vast world of drinks beyond rum and beer, which were the drinks mainly consumed when he opened his first store.

Monique Holmes, Head of Marketing & Loyalty, Dan Murphy’s said: “Helping Australia drink better sits at the heart of so much of what we do day-in-day-out. The spirit of improvement and discovery is something that’s been with the brand since Dan Murphy first established it back in 1952. That’s why when it came time for a brand idea, we couldn’t go past the intriguing stories that shaped the man himself.

From his time in the RAAF, to creating an underground wine club, or being among the first to import international wines by whatever means necessary, Daniel Francis Murphy’s life reads like a movie.

“If you ask Australians, many don’t know that ‘Uncle Dan’ was a wine-loving entrepreneur who created innovations that have shaped the Australian drinks industry,” said Alex Freudman, Dan Murphy’s Managing Director.

“He was passionate about making great drinks accessible to everyone, and his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit still very much lives on at Dan Murphy’s today.”

The campaign was created by Thinkerbell, with the agency’s Tom Wenborn noting: “By sharing the story of its founder, we wanted to show that Dan Murphy’s has been a leader since the start, and continues to be a trusted expert in the world of drinks.”

“It’s a daunting task, reimagining the life of someone like Dan Murphy, his attitude made such a big impact on an entire industry. While he deserved his own kick-ass biopic or novel, we’ve started with a series of commercials, which in a way we think he would have been happier with having written and directed his own commercials throughout his time. We’re incredibly proud of how the team pulled this piece together, from the research to the production, the time-travelling has been well worth it.”

Watch the ad below:

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