World’s first molecular drink printer launches

California’s Cana is launching the world’s first molecular beverage printer, which it predicts will revolutionise the drinks market.

Cana One prints thousands of beverages on your kitchen countertop – from juice, soft drinks and iced coffee, to hard seltzers, wine, and cocktails – without the need for plastic, aluminum, glass or other wasteful containers.

Cana One, which sits on a kitchen countertop, has a touchscreen display to explore, discover, and create drinks from thousands of beverage types and brands. Customers can personalize every beverage to their preferred levels of alcohol, caffeine, or sugar, customising beverages for breakfast, post-workout, dinner, or relaxation.

“Cana One is designed to give each customer convenience, savings, and an experience they didn’t know they were craving – while cleaning up the planet,” said Cana CEO Matt Mahar. “It’s like having a personalised beverage aisle in your kitchen – with zero trash or hassle from plastic, aluminum, and glass containers.”

Unlike pod-based beverage systems, a single Cana One ingredient cartridge can create hundreds of different beverages and should last on average for a month without needing replacement. The device comes with parental controls including a PIN code to keep certain beverages (including alcoholic and caffeinated options) away from others in the home.

Ingredient cartridges will be automatically replaced, at no additional cost to customers, as they run low. Customers easily return cartridges to Cana in prepaid packaging, where they are reused up to 12 times before being fully recycled.

Customers pay per drink for each beverage Cana makes. Per-drink pricing will range from $0.29 to $2.99.

Cana expects first shipments to go out in early 2023, based on current visibility into its supply chain.

At scale, Cana aims to eliminate the use of plastic and glass containers, water waste, and the CO2 emissions used in global beverage manufacturing and distribution. In addition, Cana would eliminate the time-sucking chore of buying, storing, disposing and recycling cans, bottles, and other containers in your home.

“Instead of making insignificant, incremental improvements to the beverage industry’s archaic systems, Cana accelerates the shift to clean, decentralised manufacturing and brings an incredibly fun product to your home,” said Cana Chairman Bharat Vasan. “Any beverage you want, any time, with ultra-low waste – that’s what people and the planet deserve.”

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