Mr Yum introduces easier way to split restaurant bills

Ordering, payments and marketing platform Mr Yum has introduced an easier way to split restaurant bills and speed up payments.

It has introduced a Split & Pay service that removes one of the biggest pain points for hospitality staff and customers – waiting to pay the bill at the end of a meal and splitting it between guests.

Instead of waiting to get a waiter’s attention to retrieve the bill, then waiting for them to come back with the EFTPOS terminal only to be told they either don’t split bills, or having to wait as they walk around the table processing individual payments for the entire group, Split & Pay allows customers to order with their waiter as normal but scan a QR code at the end of their meal to view, split and pay their bill on their phone.

Front of house staff continue to take guest orders as in a traditional restaurant service model, but with Split & Pay, the customer’s bill is accessed on mobile via a QR code that’s presented at the end of their dining experience.

Customers can pay their restaurant bills on their smartphone in full, or split it among the party by item, custom or percentage

Payment options include card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Afterpay – and the new product makes loyalty programs more accessible to foodies who want to be rewarded for their dining experiences.

Large tables splitting the bill is one of the more time consuming tasks front of house staff have to perform, often during peak service periods. According to popular Melbourne restaurant Mr. Miyagi, on busy Saturday nights on average one in three tables split their bill, taking service staff 71% longer to process payment on those tables.

According to Mr Yum, Split & Pay means service staff are freed from this time-consuming administrative task and can focus instead on providing superior customer service and a better overall hospitality experience to their guests.

“An easy way for customers to split their bill is a great concept,” Mr. Miyagi noted. “Taking multiple payments for the one table during peak periods is not the best use of our time. Split & Pay frees up staff and gives them more time to provide even better customer service on the things that actually matter. It’s a win-win!”

Mr Yum CEO Kim Teo said: “Split & Pay enables venues to offer the quickest and easiest way for their guests to pay and solves one of the biggest pain points diners face at the end of a meal – waiting for and paying the bill. We’re excited to offer hospitality venues another useful tool to enhance their customers’ experience and increase efficiency and look forward to rolling out the product to venues thanks to our Split & Pay launch POS partners, Impos, H&L and Lightspeed, with more POS integrations to come soon.”

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