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Accolade Wines releases first zero-alcohol wine range

Accolade Wines is releasing its first zero-alcohol wine range, Hardys ZERO, a new South Australian range crafted using new technology that gently de-alcoholises the wine while retaining natural flavours and body.

Hardys ZERO Shiraz is available now on shelves at Coles stores nationally with Hardys ZERO Chardonnay and Hardys ZERO Sparkling to launch later this year.

Low in sugar and low calorie, the Hardys ZERO range offer wine lovers who are looking to moderate their alcohol
consumption the chance to enjoy their favourite drops, sans the alcohol.

Paul Burnett, Accolade Wines ZERO lead winemaker, said: “The Hardys Zero range is perfect for consumers wanting to take the leap into the world of zero-alcohol wines or those who may have been left unimpressed with zero-alcohol wine in the past. With over 165 years of winemaking heritage, our winemaking team is committed to continuously pushing the
boundaries of innovation and providing consumers certainty in their wine choice every time – whether that
be with, or without, alcohol.

“A few years back the perception was that low and no-alcohol wines meant a compromise on taste but today, with new innovative technology, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to Accolade Wines’ significant investment, we can now offer a superior tasting experience versus other zero-alcohol wines. It’s a game changer for the industry.”

The Hardys ZERO range is de-alcoholising through a revolutionary new process called Zero Tech X, which produces quality zero-alcohol wines with retained natural flavours, aroma and body. With the alcohol removed but natural flavours of full-strength wine retained, Hardys ZERO requires less sugary additives versus traditional de-alcoholising techniques.

Mindful drinking is on the rise globally, with consumers increasingly interested in products that embrace a more balanced lifestyle. Non- alcoholic wines are one of Australia’s fastest growing drink categories, with the annual growth rate for the category well above the total wine market.

The growth rate forecast by IWSR for the next five years (2021–25) is 15% per annum on average, compared with less than 1 per cent per annum for total wine volume.

“We know consumers are increasingly more conscious of their alcohol consumption and on occasion are looking to switch to low-to-no alcohol options to find more balance,” Burnett said. “However, we cannot underestimate the importance of taste as part of their decision.

“The Hardys ZERO range is crafted with the same care and passion as our alcoholic ranges; wines that Hardys fans around the globe know and love. Delivering the same great taste with zero alcohol, Hardys ZERO is the ideal wine for everyday or special occasions, and consumers who still want to enjoy the ritual and reward of a glass of quality wine, without the alcohol.”

The Hardys ZERO Shiraz 2020 (RRP $13) is available at Coles supermarkets nationally. The full range will be available later this year with further stockists to be announced.

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