BWS celebrates its 21st birthday

Drinks retailer BWS is celebrating its 21st birthday with a month-long campaign that rewards its customers.

The first BWS was opened in Cabramatta, Sydney, in 2001, and the name is an acronym for Beer, Wine and Spirits. Today, there are more 1400 BWS stores across the country. 

“BWS has been part of our customers’ celebrations since 2001 – from birthdays to wedding anniversaries and everything in between – so we wanted to mark this milestone by celebrating our customers and making it all about them,” BWS Managing Director Scott Davidson said. 

During the month of June, BWS is asking customers to complete a number of tasks with over $400,000 in cash up for grabs. 

“We know that most people don’t care about a bottleshop’s birthday, which is why we wanted to have a bit of fun with ours and we will unashamedly pay you to celebrate and have your own fun,” BWS Head of Marketing Anna Webster said.

For example, Aussies can earn $1000 by submitting an aerial video of a huge ‘Happy Birthday BWS’ message written on the ground (carved in sand on a beach, for example), $2000 for getting a choir of 21 people to sing happy birthday to the drinks retailer, or $5000 if you jump out of a giant BWS cake in front of a BWS store, singing happy birthday BWS, holding a BWS birthday sign, dancing in an orange birthday outfit.

There are also some simpler tasks available; for leaving a ‘happy birthday’ message on the drinks retailer’s site, customers can receive $10. If you bake a homemade cake with Happy Birthday BWS written in icing, you can earn $100 and you can earn $500 for crafting a bespoke birthday outfit and wearing it. 

BWS enlisted reality stars Abbie Chatfield and Khanh Ong to be the faces of the campaign, and the best friends have starred in a range of online videos to promote the celebrations. 

“We thought Abbie and Khanh were the perfect duo to front our campaign because they are confident, authentic and a bit cheeky – just like us,” said Webster. 

In one of the videos, the Masterchef star bakes a birthday cake for BWS, while Abbie shows off her knitting skills attempting to make a birthday outfit in another.

“You know the best thing about a bottle shop’s birthday is?” Khanh asks Abbie in one of the videos, while piping icing on the cake. 

“Umm nothing?” Abbie says.

“Right! But you know the best thing about BWS’ birthday?” Khanh counters. 

“Oh yeah, they pay you to celebrate. How iconic!” Abbie says before swiping her finger through the icing on the cake. 

All the tasks are listed on, with a set number of tasks available for customers to complete in order to redeem and start celebrating between today and 30 June 2022.

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