Have your say in the 2022 Australian Craft Beer Survey

The sixth edition of the Australian Craft Beer Survey has just launched. Founded by retailer Beer Cartel, the national study aims to better understand evolving attitudes and behaviours towards craft beer.

The Australian Craft Beer Survey is the largest, publicly released study of Australian craft beer drinkers. The survey will build upon the previous five versions of the same study, which combined has had over 80,000 responses.

Richard Kelsey, Director of Beer Cartel said it will be particularly interesting to see the role alcohol free beer has had on consumption habits.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in alcohol free brands available in the market over the past couple of years. It will be really interesting to see if that has translated into consumption across the wider market,” said Kelsey.

In addition, the study will look at understanding changes in purchase channels.

“In the last iteration of this study in 2020 we saw a shift to buying beer online, driven by the first Covid-19 lockdowns in Australia which forced on-premise venues to shut,” Kelsey said.

“This included breweries who had to close their taprooms for a period, with many opening online stores. Now that we are moving to a world where COVID-19 is less of an issue, it will be fascinating to see how this trend has changed.”

The results of the study will be made public to support growth of the Australian craft beer industry.

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