White wine prices predicted to skyrocket

The price of white wine is at its highest level in 14 years and it’s predicted to become even more expensive over summer due to the surging value of white wine grapes.

The value of white wine grapes has increased for the ninth consecutive year as public demand for chardonnay and other white varietals grow. Their average value has jumped 2% to $548 per tonne according to Wine Australia’s 2022 National Vintage report.

Sauvignon blanc had the largest increase in average value – up by 12%, followed by riesling (up 7%) and semillon (up 5%).

Wine Australia manager, market insights, Peter Bailey said the share of white varieties in the 2022 vintage to increase to 45% of the total after falling to 43% in 2021. 

“Demand is shifting back in favour of white varieties,” Bailey said. “The average value for white wine grapes has increased yearly since 2014 and 2022 was the highest since 2008.” 

Jared Stringer, chief executive of Adelaide Hills winery The Lane Vineyard and former president of the Adelaide Hills Wine Region told The Australian: “Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and all of those white varieties are absolutely going gangbusters. I’ve had to lock in forward contracts for the next three to five years for our business and the prices are just going through the roof.

“I think you’ll see, certainly in the next vintage report, that white price is going to skyrocket, closer to 10% easily.”

Winemaker from Hoddles Creek Estate and member of Wine Yarra Valley, Franco D’Anna told 3AW prices are rising for popular varietals — both red and white.

“I think chardonnay, pinot, most white varieties are going up,” he told Stephen Quartermain and Elise Elliott, filling in for Ross and Russel.

“Pinot is so popular. Whatever you make you can sell straight away. Then obviously chardonnay and a few other varieties.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how the next four or five years sort of go because there’s just not the fruit around.”

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