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House of Arras 2022 Collection release

House of Arras will celebrate two significant milestones on September 1: the highly anticipated 2022 release – 25 Years of 100% Tasmanian Winemaking and the 10th Consecutive Vintage Release of E.J.Carr Late Disgorged Vintage Sparkling.

House of Arras Chief Winemaker Ed Carr said: “From the outset, our vision was to source, craft, age and blend wines to be released at the perfect point of harmony of these key attributes. This release exemplifies the various aspects of this vision and shows the elegance complexity and longevity that can result from such meticulous decisions from vineyard selection to release.”

The 2022 release celebrates 25 years that House of Arras has been sourcing fruit and crafting exceptional sparkling wine from the tapestry of cold climate vineyards in pristine Tasmania.

“When we embarked on this journey, our vision to craft exceptional Australian sparkling led House of Arras to Tasmania for its pristine ancient soils and unique cold climate. For a quarter of a century, we have taken time to understand the rich tapestry that makes the Tasmania terroir, and this year is both a celebration and expression of this relationship,” Carr said.

Today, select vineyards from five different regions provide a diverse viticultural landscape from which to draw fruit for blending options, ensuring the distinctiveness and consistency of each of the House of Arras wine styles.

“Having worked with these vineyards for a quarter of a century and coming to know the various characteristics of the sites, how these are expressed in the wine, and, over time, how they age – I am convinced that it is this tapestry of vineyards that creates a more complete wine, and which has been the vision and basis of the House of Arras wine style since its inception,” Carr said.

This concept of regional ‘tapestry’ continues in the viticultural level, whereby vineyards in the five different regions – covering inland, coastal, warm and dry, to cool and wet regions – have been further divided into blocks and managed to express the particular characteristics that make up the component wines to be blended for each of the celebrated House of Arras cuvees.

The 2022 launch also celebrates the 10th consecutive release of the House of Arras E.J. Carr 2007 Late Disgorged Vintage. The House of Arras E.J. Carr 2007 Late Disgorged Vintage release exhibits all the elegance, power and complexity of a world class sparkling wine.

“This wine was aged on lees in tirage for 14 years developing an intensity of secondary characters recognised in the world’s finest cuvees,” Carr said.

Further highlights of the 2022 House of Arras Global Release include a return to the full collection of the House of Arras Vintage Range for 2014, including the much- celebrated Vintage Rosé, the Grand Vintage and the Blanc de Blancs. Says Carr of the Vintage Range release.

A further highlight of the 2022 release is the House of Arras Limited Museum Release Blanc de Blancs 2005.

“As well as selecting the best components of the 2005 vintage, this cuvee sees a remarkable 16 years in tirage resulting in a wine of incredible complexity whilst maintaining notable freshness and vivacity,” Carr said.

In addition to these cuvees is the House of Arras Brut Elite Cuvée 1701 which represents a classic blend of the three noble varieties of premium cold climate sparkling wine.

The full list of wines in the House of Arras 2022 release includes:

• House of Arras Museum Vintage Blanc de Blancs 2005 – RRP$350
• House of Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged Vintage 2007 – RRP$265.99
• House of Arras Grand Vintage 2014 – RRP$118.99
• House of Arras Vintage Rosé 2014 – RRP$129.99
• House of Arras Blanc de Blancs 2014 – RRP$129.99
• House of Arras Brut Elite Cuvée 2017 – RRP$64.99

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