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AFL players expand doozy drinks brand

The team behind low-carb and low-calorie alcohol brand doozy has recruited another Sydney Swans player to the crew and expanded its line-up.

Isaac Heeney joins Sydney Swans teammates and co-founders Ollie Florent and Will Hayward as the brand adds Watermelon to its seltzer line-up and releases two new Vodka Soda RTDs: Twisted Lemon and Wild Raspberry. The entire range is sugar-free and uses natural flavours.

Hayward said: “The best thing about doozy is that it is deliciously uncomplicated and aligns perfectly with young Aussies’ tastes and attitudes.

“At the end of the day, we all just want to celebrate the lighter, fun side of life, and this is why doozy is the go-to drink this summer, and we hope everyone enjoys the new flavours as much as we do.”

The brand was founded in 2021 by Hayward and Ollie Florent, along with Harry Hayward and brand agency Richards Rose
before launching in early 2022.

“When Will and I were in lock-down hubs playing AFL last season, we had plenty of time to dream up a business,” Florent explained.

“We had seen the explosion of seltzers in the US and felt there was a way to do it better in Australia. We then met the team at Richards Rose and decided to join forces an establish doozy using our own seed capital to make 5000 cases and start selling at the right venues.”

Doozy is now available in over 40 venues and bottle shops across Sydney and nationally via Boozebud. This month the range is also turning up across the massive ALM network of venues and bottle shops across NSW and Australia.

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