Mildura-based Fossey’s Distillery opens Melbourne bar

Mildura-based Fossey’s Distillery has officially opened its second venue, a bar in Lygon St, Melbourne.

Family owned and operated Fossey’s was initially started as a “lifestyle business” in Mildura in 2017, but quickly escalated into something so much more.

Owner Steve Timmis said: “We started Fossey’s as a little bit of fun. Something we could do a day or two a week with a focus on tourists coming in to the cellar door, online sales, and just have great time doing something we loved. Looking back at our initial business plan, we were going to open one day a week on a Thursday afternoon and run the still once a month.”

Facing and surviving the challenges of COVID-19 gave the distillery the inspiration to open its second Melbourne venue.

“Opening another venue had always been a conversation that just quietly tinkered in the background,” said Cherie Gowers, manager of Fossey’s Distillery and daughter to Steve.

“We had considered other regional towns and but Melbourne hadn’t been considered until the COVID years. An opportunity came up with the venue and just looking at the pictures and the location, it seemed like the perfect place to call our new home.”

Based in an iconic Lygon Street location, the blue stone venue, which was once the well-loved local restaurant IL Cantuccio Restaurant, is now home to Fossey’s Distillery.

“Being located in Mildura, we’ve always been geographically challenged,” said Timmis.

“It made attending metro events and supplying wholesale customers extremely challenging. But now with a Melbourne based venue, we are able produce and sell with more ease and also enjoy the company of Melbourne-based customers when they come in for a tasting or a cocktail.”

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