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Archie Rose introduces Tailored Whisky by the bottle

Archie Rose has introduced Tailored Whisky by the bottle, giving consumers around the world the opportunity to fully customise and ship their own individual bottle of Australian single malt whisky.

Having previously offered Tailored Whisky by the cask, the new single bottle offering will debut with a choice of three individual 100% Australian malts. The process allows Archie Rose customers to tailor the proportions of their chosen flavour profiles to suit their palates, with the creation added to a base of Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky.

The trio of three flavour profiles, which will soon expand to six, have been crafted to cater to varied tastes. This allows for an endless suite of combinations, from the NSW Pale Malt offering a classic orchard and tropical fruit flavoured profile, to Chocolate Malt that boasts deep notes of dark chocolate, Porter beer and coffee, to the distinct Native Stringybark Smoked Malt with smoky notes of Aussie campfire and prosciutto.

“This is an exceptionally exciting release for the Archie Rose team, as it has become an integral aim of the brand to break down barriers around the whisky-making process to offer people an opportunity to shape their own whisky flavour,” founder Will Edwards said.

“Through our unique individual malt stream process and the upscale to our Botany distillery, Tailored Whisky exemplifies our belief in Australian malts and provenance and in sharing that with people around the world.”

The newly launched Archie Rose Tailored Whisky will join its gin and vodka counterparts as part of the Tailored Spirit collection. Initially available exclusively online, the service offers whisky lovers a simple and streamlined tool to create their own personalised combination of malt flavours to be then produced by the Archie Rose team and shipped directly to people’s

Customers also have the opportunity to customise the bottle label itself, with creative colour and font combinations adding an additional element of customisation.

Master distiller Dave Withers said: “Our goal with Tailored Whisky is to democratise the opportunity for our fans to step into our shoes and design their own individual bottle of whisky just how they like it through an easy online tool and the ability to
ship their whisky anywhere, as we do for Tailored Gin and Vodka.”

With only 1300 bottles available for purchase in the first four months, Archie Rose Tailored Single Malt Whisky has an RRP of $149.

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