Pubs the winners as inflation bites hospitality industry

New data from ResDiary shows diners are now choosing mid-range venues such as pubs and cafes due to the impact of inflation. Pubs now account for nearly half (48%) of all bookings in Australia, up nearly 10% from a 37% share of bookings in January 2022.

On the other hand, there has been nearly a 30% (28%) decline in premium and fine dining venues since January 2022 due to cost of living pressures.

APAC Head of Customer Service and Support Stefan Overzier said the insights showed that people are still enjoying eating out, but are choosing casual over premium options.

“The data shows Australians still have the desire to head out and enjoy a good quality meal, however we can see people choosing mid-range options, and are experiencing ‘bookers remorse’ for higher end venues as they cancel plans a higher percentage of the time,” he said.

“But it’s not all doom and gloom, your local pubs and cafes are the big winners with an increase in bookings overall.”

“This years trade is stronger than last year, we sell good quality pub food at reasonable prices,” said a spokesperson for Sydney pub the Dove & Olive.

“Being a mid-range venue gives us an advantage over some other hospitality venues as customers are seeking lower price meals.”

Here are ResDiary’s top four insights on the impact the current economic climate and inflation are having on pubs and the hospitality industry in general.

Mid-range venues win in the cost-of-living war

Mid-range venues such as pubs and cafes are busier than ever, now accounting for nearly half (48%) of all bookings in Australia, up nearly 10 percent from a 37% share of bookings in January 2022.

“Bookers remorse” rise in cancellations for fine-dining venues

The findings reveal that while venues at the top end of town have suffered a rise in cancellations, the more casual style dining venues with a medium price point have not.

Fine-dining venues saw an 88% increase in cancellations between May (the start of interest rate rises) and October 2022 (just prior to the Christmas season) compared to dining venues.

Venues with a lower price point; casual dining, pubs and cafés had a decrease in cancellations from May to October 2022.

Interest rates go up, booking numbers go down

Booking data has shown that there was decline in the number of bookings after a continuous streak on raised interest rates.

Since May, the RBA has increased the cash rate from a low of 0.1% to 3.6% (that’s the highest since 2012) to combat inflation. A month after the first interest rate rise in June, ResDiary’s data revealed there was a 9% decrease in the number of bookings across most venue types.

The only venue category not affected by interest rates? Pubs and cafes. With their booking numbers remaining steady throughout the second half of 2022 and into 2023 despite the economic crisis. Diners are still heading out but preferring those venues with a lower price point of $21-$40.

Gone are the days of spur of the moment bookings

A key stand-out trend over the last year has been an increase in booking lead times with Australians booking an extra 2.2 days in advance in February 2023 compared to February 2022.

Diners are planning ahead of time and choosing to dine out more for those special occasions rather than a last-minute booking.

For guidance on the impact of inflation on pubs and hospitality venues, visit ResDiary’s website here.

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