The world’s best hard seltzer

An Australian brand called Malocchio has won Best Hard Seltzer at the 2023 World Premix Awards for its Kakadu Plum flavour.

The judges said: “Nice subtle nose, really good carbonation, really enjoyable sweet jammy flavours on the palate, very refreshing, floral and fruity with the right amount of sweetness, subtle flavours but enjoyable.”

Malocchio entered two of its hard seltzer flavours into the awards and took out World’s Best and Gold for its Kakadu Plum flavour and Silver for its Finger Lime flavour in the Hard Seltzer category.

The small, independently owned and operated company is based in Brunswick, Melbourne. Partners Antonio Marra and Anna Chiera came up with the idea for the company during the uncertainty of 2020.

“We are beyond thrilled with our results in the World Premix Awards 2023,” said Chiera. “This was the first time we entered any beverage awards and to see both entries do so well is incredible. We feel like the underdogs in this highly competitive space but to see our seltzers go up against so many other brands and stand out like this fuels our fire to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Named after an old Italian superstition translating to evil eye, the ‘malocchio’ (pronounced ma-lo-kio) is believed to be a curse that is cast by giving someone a malevolent stare, often out of jealousy.

“For us Malocchio is about being proud of your individuality and not letting the envy of others stop you from doing what you love,” Chiera said.

Incorporating the eye and hand imagery associated with the superstition and adding their own personal touches, the hand gesture is not only designed to protect fans from the ‘malocchio’, it also pays homage to the classic rock n’ roll salute, one that unites musicians and fans alike all over the world.

Australia triumphs at World Premix Awards

Australia also won World’s Best Cocktail Part Made add Mixer with Inhouse Cocktail Batch 3: Guava, Basil, Elderflower, which the judges described as “very summery and refreshing, all the summer garden vibes. Quite sweet but the guava and elderflower come through really nicely. Really nice summery drink.”

It also took out World’s Best Wine Cocktail for Batch & Co Bondi Spritz. The judges said: “Lots of lovely candied fruit peel on the nose, really great carbonation, a little sourness coming through which is wonderfully balanced with the sweetness. The perfect drink for a summer’s afternoon, lots of white peach, strawberry, lots of rose, delicious.”

Australian brands also won a slew of medals at the World Premix Awards. The Gold winners were Curatif Jacoby’s Trader Vic’s Mai Tai, Curatif Plantation Hurricane, Starward (New) Old Fashioned, Curatif Tequila Tromba Margarita, Barossa Distilling Company Australian Garden G&T, Starward Soda And Tangy Finger Lime.

See the full list of winners here.

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