Ordermentum kicks off online trade show

Hospitality ordering and payments platform Ordermentum is holding an online Beyond the Craft trade show designed to connect venues and suppliers. 

Beyond the Craft will be live from 22 May 2023, with suppliers creating special offers for venues and showcasing their brand and products through-out the week-long event.

In the past, venues have had to find suppliers through word of mouth, or by trial and error. Finding the right suppliers for a venue manager has typically been a long, arduous and sometimes heartbreaking process – especially when things don’t work out. 

Beyond the Craft turns that whole experience on its head.

CMO at Ordermentum Sophie Paulin said: “Like online dating, the event enables venues and suppliers to find their perfect match based on shared values and understanding. In any relationship, reliability and transparency  is incredibly important – and Ordermentum is giving venues just that from the very beginning. “

According to Ordermentum CEO Adam Theobald, the five-day event highlights the issues that the hospitality industry faces.

“In just two weeks, we’ve had hundreds of venues register for Beyond the Craft because they’re so excited that we’re taking away the stress of finding new suppliers – and we’re actually making it fun,” he said.

“We facilitate a match in an easy way, and then it’s up to the venue and supplier to figure out whether they’re a fit.

“No matter the size of your business or its location, Beyond the Craft facilitates connections that would have been difficult to establish otherwise,” he explained. 

Beyond the Craft is live from Monday, 22 May 2023 at

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