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Lenny Kravtiz goes global with Mexican spirit brand

After a successful launch in Mexico City and New York in 2022, Nocheluna Sotol has made its European debut, as celebrity partner Lenny Kravitz eyes global distribution for the brand.

Harvested from the resilient sotol (Dasylirion) plant native to Chihuahua Mexico, Nocheluna Sotol is rooted in North Mexican heritage and the region’s natural elements.

Led by Casa Lumbre – a Mexican spirits team known for its dedication to innovative and unique premium spirits- and their partners, Master Distiller Don “Lalo” Eduardo Arrieta and recognized Sotol promoter Ricardo Pico, Nocheluna Sotol is a partnership between the musican and Pernod Ricard.

It aims to promote that Mexico’s rich and diverse terroir offers exciting options beyond tequila and mezcal. More specifically, the Chihuahuan desert is the star of this spirit; the Sotol (Dasylirion) plant thrives in unforgiving desert conditions including hot, dry days and cool nights. These environmental factors help the plant yield a liquid with a unique, layered taste profile. The result: a smooth and sophisticated balance of wild herbs, dried stone fruit, caramel, and honey, deep minerality and oak firewood.

“We’re excited to expand the reach of this category globally in a way that showcases sustainable best practices while also incorporating the traditional craft that our partner Don Lalo inherited over generations,” said Ivan Saldaña, Casa Lumbre Chief Innovation Officer and Partner.

“We are conscious that Nocheluna can make a positive difference to bring recognition and excitement to this undiscovered but important region of Mexico.”

To mark the occasion of the European launch in Paris, Lenny Kravitz, Moises Guindi (Casa Lumbre Founder and CEO) and Alexandre Ricard (Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard) shared the stage to present their partnership and introduce more of the world to the magic of this hidden spirit.

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, said: “Sotol is a genuine, authentic product coming from a marvelous terroir. It has existed for more than 800 years but now it’s time for Pernod Ricard to introduce it to the world, thanks to our unique route to market and our expertise in amplifying brands.”

Moises Guindi, Casa Lumbre founder and CEO, added: “Casa Lumbre has a mission to elevate the amazing flavors we have in Mexico and promote its unparalleled biological and cultural patrimony. That’s why we gathered an amazing group of people to make this dream of Nocheluna come true.”

Lenny Kravitz concluded:  “Nocheluna is sophisticated, smooth and balanced but also wild, with an elegant smoke, which I love. It is a very organic experience. Everything I do is about creativity first, that’s how I work with my music and my art. I value how this spirit stays true to the traditional ways of making sotol, exemplifying a deep understanding of this craft. I’m honored to be here as an ambassador for this fantastic region and the great people who have been doing this for hundreds of years.”

Discovering sotol

Kravitz was in the Dominican Republic shooting the film Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, when he was sent a bottle of Nocheluna.

He took the bottle to a cast dinner one night and after a single shot of the spirit, he was “immediately intrigued.”

“I started pouring shots for everybody,” he told PEOPLE magazine. “Everybody was digging it.”

Kravitz travelled to the distillery and connected with fourth-generation sotol maker Arrieta.

“I hung out in Chihuahua and I spent time watching the whole process, talking with them, learning, getting my education. Then I became partners with them,” he said.

When asked by The Spirits Business last year what markets he would like to see Nocheluna expand to, Lenny Kravitz said: “Everywhere, if I’m being honest. I spend a lot of time all over Europe. Obviously Paris, I live between Paris, the Bahamas, and Brazil. America, North America, South America, Asia – we’re looking at this with a very side scope.”

Nocheluna is the third collaboration between Pernod Ricard and Casa Lumbre after successful partnerships around Mexican spirits Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky and Ojo De Tigre mezcal.

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