The world’s largest bottle of bubbly is coming to Australia

Luc Belaire has created the world’s largest bottle of bubbly, dubbed ‘ZEUS’ after the supreme ruler of the Greek gods, and it’s going on a global tour.

At 45 litres (the equivalent of 60 standard bottles of Belaire), Belaire ZEUS is the largest bottle of bubbly currently available. Its colossal form stands at more than one metre in height and weighs 72.5kg when full, requiring the strength of three people to carry and pour.

Each bottle of Belaire ZEUS also contains an extraordinary three billion bubbles.

Belaire ZEUS was seven years in the making, crafted by aerospace engineers using a procedure never undertaken before: a process of spin forming, machining, internal coating, powder coating and pressure testing. Its steel form both insulates
and protects the wine from extreme temperature and ensures Belaire ZEUS is nearly unbreakable.

Extremely limited in production, only two bottles of Belaire ZEUS have been produced. One is filled with Belaire’s signature Rare Rosé, a unique French sparkling wine which has become America’s No.1 Rosé. The second contains Luc Belaire Luxe demi sec.

Both are vinted at Luc Belaire’s winery in the heart of Burgundy.

Until now, Belaire’s bottles have only been produced up to an impressive 15-litre size, known as a Nebuchadnezzar. These large format bottles have become popular with celebrities, influencers, recording artists and athletes across the globe to celebrate career milestones, album launches and championship wins.

The new Belaire ZEUS bottles are undertaking a global tour that will start in the United States before visiting Europe, Asia and Australia.

The bigger the bottle the longer the fizz

Luc Belaire may be onto something with the Zeus. According to researchers reporting in ACS Omega, how long bubbles can be stored in sealed bottles before they go flat depends on the container’s size.

The researchers estimate a 40-year shelf-life for 750ml bottles, and 82 and 132 years for 1.5 litre and 3-litre bottles respectively.

Imagine how long the Zeus will keep its fizz?

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